XY London beautiful shoes- Review

I was recently approached by the lovely team at XY London and asked if I would like to review a pair of their shoes. Due to problems with my feet I really struggle to find nice shoes that are comfortable and that look nice so I jumped at the chance to try these out.

When I was 13 I had an operation on both of my feet. I had developed bunions and had deformed toes. Surprisingly it wasn’t actually caused by wearing badly fitted shoes and just happened to be the way my feet had grown.

I went into hospital where they shaved off the bunions, removed a bone and pinned by feet back together. As a result of this when it comes to shoes as much as I love shoes and if I could wear them I would have the worlds supply I can’t and have to go for flatter and more comfortable shoes.

Large selection

When I looked on the XY London website I was immediately impressed at the sheer amount of flatter shoes that were available and all of the different styles. Usually I’m left with a very small choice of dolly style shoes but the choice on here was incredible.

The representative had asked me to choose some shoes myself as they wanted a complete and honest opinion of something that I would like. I had a weekend away coming up with friends where we dressed as the Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy so thought this would be the perfect way to get some red shoes that I could wear not only for my costume but that would also go with normal clothes for special nights out etc.

Red shoes

Cinderella red sparkly shoes
Perfect for those glittery occasions

I typed into their search bar and filters for red shoes and there was a massive selection. Believe it or not they even had a perfect set of shiny flat red shoes covered in sparkles that would have been ideal for my costume . They were even called Cinderella shoes, However I wanted something that I would wear again and as much as I love glitter I couldn’t imagine me being in another situation where these shoes would get the appreciation they deserved.

After searching through many more shoes and seeing some that I liked but they weren’t available in my size ( I have massive feet!) I found the perfect pair. They were red sandals and whilst they weren’t completely flat they had a wedge sole meaning they were comfortable for wearing. The way the straps lay across the top of my foot supports where I have scaring and other shoes can rub. Not only were they perfect for Dorothy but they are also a style I know that I will wear on nights out maybe with jeans or black trousers.

Lottie red sandal wedges
Beautiful Red Wedges perfect for many occasions

Overall thoughts

The XY London website is very easy to used. The sheer amount of choices available is amazing especially for someone like me who struggles for nice shoes. In fact when I emailed them to tell them which shoes I wanted I asked them if I could just have them all 🙂

Whatever the occasion these guys really do have something suitable and something else I noticed was that most of the shoes on the page are below £25!

I will definitely be ordering more shoes from these guys now that I know they exist. Ellie is now in ladies sizes too so it will give her more choices for shoes rather than the supermarkets which is where we usually buy them from.

Thank you XY London for restoring my faith that I can still own nice shoes!

** I was given a pair of shoes in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own


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