Is the world a more scary place today or are we just more aware?

I was lay in bed the other night and thinking to myself about how scary the world is today. How I worry for my children as they grow up. It got me wondering is the world a scarier place now than it was when I was growing up? or is it just simply a fact of we know more about whats happening now?

How were things as I grew up?

When I grew up we were able to leave the house with nothing but our coats and shoes and a time to be home. As long as our parents knew where we were and who we were with that was all that matter.  We were able to go further than our street and often given the advice that if we found ourselves in trouble to just knock on the nearest door for help.

The only form of scary people we were actually aware of were flashers. and terrorism was something we would hear about in the news. We would come home from school, get changed and go out to play with our friends. I was perfectly able to cook meals for the whole family and work most appliances in the house. Now you have to bare in mind here I am not an old lady I am 35 years old so all of these things really weren’t that long ago.

Our favourite adventures including going up the mount by our houses and building dens. Turning old shopping trolley into go carts was something else that we loved to do. Kerby on the side of the road, if an old lady offered us something we were told to politely take it and to make sure we used our manners.

How things are now

My children are allowed out but only if they are armed with a fully charged and working mobile phone. They are only allowed around our house and the occasional trip to the shop. Annabelle who is 7 has only recently been allowed out to play and that is right next to the kitchen window where I can see her.

The elder children have access to social media and therefore come across quite a lot of disturbing things. They are far more aware of the kind of people out there from murderers to paedophiles. Going to a major busy city fills me with absolute dread and because of this they are rarely allowed on trips.

They can’t play by the road incase they get ran over or taken by a stranger. The local park is only an option if I am with them.  If they were to get a shopping trolley everyone would assume that it is stolen and they definitely wouldn’t be allowed to use certain tools just ‘incase’ they hurt themselves which in turn would automatically turn us into number 1 suspects. Accidents don’t just happen anymore.

Knocking on a strangers door is not an option as we are far more conscious of who may be waiting behind the door. If offered something by a stranger they are told to politely decline whilst using their manners.

When I stop to think about it the realisation is crazy.

You see what made me question it all the other night was when I grew up there were paedophiles, murderers, terrorists etc. The threat was probably higher than it is now and I can clearly remember a bombing in Manchester and Nail bombs.  The only difference is we didn’t have immediate access to the information, or live streaming. We had to wait for the news to come out.

After having a real long think I have come to the conclusion it really isn’t any scarier than when we were growing up. We are just far more aware of whats around us now and therefore a heck of a lot more cautious.




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2 thoughts on “Is the world a more scary place today or are we just more aware?

  1. I’m only a few years older than you and I remember the IRA bombings and the embassy seige. I also remember Hungerford and Lockerbie. Not to mention the Falklands War and the Americans bombing Iran.

    Potentially the risk of being run over is higher as there are more cars on the roads.

    My parents were very cautious and we were only allowed within yards of the house.

    Mrs OMG is a worrier and thinks the kids will be snatched or attacked. I’m much more relaxed. I’m the highest percentage of sexual assaults and murders are still committed by someone known to the family.

    Great post.

    1. Sounds like I am a lot like Mrs OMG , Gareth is more laid back like yourself so maybe its a mother thing? I am so worried something will happen to them but I can’t wrap them in cotton wool forever despite wanting to.
      Thank you and thank you for your comment 🙂

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