: Harry James Paul Dodd-Sutton
Age : 13
D.O.B : 23/04/2004
Hair colour : Light brown
Eye colour : Blue
Clothing size : 12-13 years ( UK sizing)
Shoe size : Adult size 6 (UK sizing)

Favourite thing to do :

Harry is an upcoming teenage blogger/vlogger. He is officially a kid blogger for Families UK and has already been featured in a video which was his own idea. He also has his own blog called Harry Hopkins My Life and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All of his social media is heavily monitored by his parents and any enquiries should go directly to them.  You can find his YouTube channel here.
Harry is a massive fan of technology and he is studying the worlds supply of science at school with the aim of becoming a doctor of some kind when he is older.

What is his best asset :

Harry is his own person and isn’t afraid to be different from the crowd. He has his very own personality. His best asset is his caring and friendly nature and willingness to help out anybody in any situation.

What is he available for :

Harry is available for work that involves technology or sciences, he is able to offer reviews and to share across both my social media and his own. He is also available for teen clothing. Videos are something that Harry is particularly keen and able to work with.


Please contact admin@mummyof5miracles.com if you would like to work with Harry