Name : Ellie-Jayne Dodd-Sutton
Age : 12
D.O.B : 30/04/2005
Hair colour : Brown with natural highlights
Eye colour : Greeny blue
Clothing size : Ladies size 8-10 ( UK sizing)
Shoe size : Ladies size 7 ( UK sizing)

Favourite thing to do :

Ellie enjoys drawing and has her own Instagram account Elliewithapen which is dedicated to her art work. She is also an avid reader and enjoy to write stories. Her ambition is to become an author, an artist or an English teacher.

What is her best asset :

Ellie has an incredibly beautiful face but even more impressive than her face is how she always tries to do the best she can in what ever she does. She is an inspiration to many and has even had all of her hair cut off in the past in order to donate it to the childrens charity Little Princesses.

What is she available for : 

Ellie has a particular interest in beauty and make up so would be a fantastic person to have around to review items around this genre. Not only that but her passion for drawing also means she would be the perfect person to help with anything in this field. Ellie is also available for clothing companies and videos.

Please contact admin@mummyof5miracles.com if you would like to discuss working with Ellie-Jayne.