Name : Elizabeth-Ann Hopkins
Age : 1
D.O.B : 29/08/2016
Hair Colour : Light brown with a red tinge
Eye Colour : Blue
Clothing size : 18- 24 Months ( UK sizing)
Shoe size : 12- 18 months baby (UK sizing)

Favourite thing to do :

Bethie (as we call her) enjoys singing and dancing. She also has a slight obsession with the Teletubbies.  She has recently been involved in a small video for Families UK alongside her big brother Freddie.

What is her best asset :

We often have comments about her big blue eyes and beautiful smile. Very rarely is she seen without her big beaming smile although she can be a little bit shy when meeting new people.

What is she available for :

We feel Elizabeth would be a fantastic addition to anybody looking for a baby to model their clothing or toys. She has a fantastic personality which shines through in pictures.

Please contact admin@mummyof5miracles.com if you would like to discuss working with Elizabeth-Ann.