Name : Annabelle Rose Dodd-Sutton
Age : 8
D.O.B : 09/08/2009
Hair colour : Dark Blonde
Eye Colour :  Blue
Clothing size : 7-8 years ( UK Sizing)
Shoe size : Junior 1 ( UK sizing)

Favourite thing to do : 

Annabelle loves to sing and dance. She enjoys reading and watching YouTube videos. She has aspirations to create her own YouTube channel. You can watch as she attempted to make a video a while ago here. I think the video shows her personality.

What is her best asset : 

I would love to tell you her best asset is her long blonde hair, or even her big blue eyes but the main thing that strikes us about Annabelle is her positive mental attitude. No matter what is happening around Annabelle or in her life she very much has the mind set that everything is butterflies and roses. If something goes wrong she will state how tomorrow will be better.

What is she available for : 

Annabelle is available to promote clothing and toy products. She is also able to give reviews. You can see an example of a review she has already done here. Annabelle also loves filming videos so her shiny bubbly personality would be a fantastic asset to any team.

Please contact if you would like to discuss working with Annabelle.