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As we are a large family with a range of ages we are able to review any kind of product from gadgets, make-up, clothing, toys & baby items To days out, Restaurants, Films and Books.. There is so much that we would be able to help with.

What can we offer?

  • We can offer and very full and honest opinion. From delivery to using your product we will make note of every detail. If we feel that something isn’t quite right we will happily share those thoughts alongside the positive thoughts and how we feel the product could be improved.
  • Due to a range of ages some products we are able to give an array of different opinions across the board giving you a true representation of how different people see things.
  • We also have a YouTube Channel where we will happily do live videos reviewing your items. If you would like to take a look you will see that my 7 year old daughter Annabelle already has a couple of reviews on there.
  • Now with over 2 thousand Followers on my Twitter page and still growing it means that anything that we review will also attract attention as anything that we chose to review will be posted across all of our social media..
  • We are happy to work alongside you and to make sure any details that you would like highlighted are made clear and any other requirements you may have.

You can check out My review of our Mother’s Day Lunch at a local popular hotel and more on our reviews page.

Guest Blogs

I am extremely happy to work alongside other talented bloggers and offer guest posts on the subject you are looking at covering. My only request is that in return you will ensure that there is a clear link to my site.

What can we offer in our Guest Blog posts?

  • I will do my very best to ensure that the writing needed is full of interesting content and views that work alongside the topics that you are covering, complete with pictures.
  • I will make sure that your blog which features our guest post is covered across all of my social media.

If you would like to work along side us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what others have to say ( please note this will be added to as we work with more people we are still quite new)

“Cheryl is a pleasure to work with! She is quick to respond to emails, professional, and someone you can depend on to get the job done! I highly recommend using her review services.” – Kelsey at

“It was great working with Cheryl during our Summer 17 campaign. Her final post was brilliant and she was always quick to reply to emails”– Ellen, from Debenhams.

It was great to collaborate with Cheryl (mummyof5miracles) on the wedding planner course. Cheryl was very responsive throughout the process, making it very easy for us to get started on the course she had chosen. The overall review that she had completed on her blog outlines the many benefits of completing an NCC course, as well as improving her knowledge in that area of interest. – David | NCC Home Learning | Marketing Assistant

We loved working with Cheryl. She gave an honest assessment of our product and we were delighted with her kind words. Her son Freddie seemed to be thrilled with his labels. It is rare for bloggers to involve their children so much when trying our nametags so we were really pleased that Cheryl did so.

I absolutely love interacting with the people who read and enjoy my blog. It’s nice to get feedback or just to have a little chat to people who can relate. Being an actual person that people can approach and speak to is very important to me so feel free to follow me or fill in the form below , send me a little message and I will get back to you asap.




If you are a company and would like to work with us then please email me or fill in the contact form below as I’m sure you will see from the reviews I have already done. I pride myself in making sure that everything I have to say is an open and honest view that I have myself. When I am looking to buy something I take into account everything and therefore feel it is very important to make sure that everything I say is exactly how I feel.

Our review of local restaurant Four Corners World Buffet had a reach of over 11,800 on Facebook alone. A local website TelfordLive which shares everything to do with Telford from news to job advertisements and local businesses enjoyed it so much that they chose to share it and it meant the reach got even further.