Wonderbly’s Incredible Personalised Books – Review

One of the best things as a parent I think,  Is the time before your child goes to bed, you’ve tucked them in and now it’s time to go to sleep and what a better way to send them off with sweet dreams is by reading a bed time story book.

I have read short books, rhymes and learning books before bed and they are good but lack the wonder that keeps the little ones entertained and still.

Wonderbly changes story books completely by adding that extra bit of magic for children and parents that keeps their interest and wondering what’s going to happen next by adding them into the story so their imagination runs wild.

Personalising our children’s book was so easy and to be honest it was really fun to do and once it was all booked ready for delivery I was like a child and was just waiting for the postman like it was my birthday!!!

We chose 3 books

Elizabeth is 1 and the book we chose was A letter for the littlest bear, This book was great to do as I got to add all of our family members into the story as bears with their names added into the story which has a personalised letter for our little girl.

Freddie is our tornado of a 3-year-old so keeping him still is a task and a half with adding Freddie’s name into the book he goes onto a quest to find his lost name where he meets all sorts of interesting characters the best thing about this was that I got to pick what Freddie looked like in the book. I read this to him before bed and he absolutely loved it!!! I’ve never seen him so excited for a story in a while and I look forward to reading it to him again.

Annabelle was in the Golden ticket where she was in a chocolate factory, Annabelle was excited when I handed it to her and read it straight away, since Annabelle is 8 I will let her tell you what she thought:

“I love this book and I felt like I was actually on the adventure. I thought that it was an amazing adventure and in the end I made my own chocolate apple flavoured chocolate bar which made you acrobatic. I loved the story and I want more books like this one. In the adventure I made a navy coloured wrapper and followed the pipes to bravery. I discovered my weird and wacky family tree which was amusing. Overall I will give this book a ​thumbs up and will happily read this again”

The books were all presented beautifully bright, shiny and in a way where you smile when you look at the cover, I will definitely be getting some more of these books if not for my own children but for Christmas gifts for others as I think they would make the perfect magical journey for any child.

* We were given 3 personalised books in exchange for a full and honest review. Today’s review was written by Gareth


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