why are sundays crazier than any other day of the week?

The saying goes that Sundays are meant to be a day of rest right? WRONG! well wrong in our house anyway, if anything Sundays are most definitely the busiest day of the week.

Because I am not exactly the most organised of people Sundays are always crazy busy here. For a start I NEVER have the uniforms sorted, so we always have all of the uniforms to wash, now I’m not going to lie it usually gets to around 6pm and I realise I haven’t washed them and its a mad dash to get them done ( I don’t do it by myself I’m very lucky in the fact that Gareth is very hands on and helps massively)


Then we have 5 children to get bathed and into clean pj’s , this can be a mission in itself because for some reason it’s always a mission to find towels for everyone, we have plenty of towels however can we ever find them? no! its like towels are available every single day of the week apart from a  Sunday then  Sunday comes and the little towel monster sneaks into the house and steals them all and hides in a corner sniggering to himself at the fact nobody can find one.


Once all the baths are done we routinely go through everyone’s hairs with the nitty-gritty comb ( this is part of our routine every week, not because the kids have head lice but more of a preventative and to double-check) now if more parents were to do this there wouldn’t be such a big issue but I’ve already had my rant on this!

Now this might not sound like much to do but trust me in a house that resemble the Waltons it can take hours to get through each task , despite there being 2 adults in the house tackling them. We also squeeze in feeding the little cherubs and answering the door a million times to their friends , did you know that you can answer the door and say sorry they aren’t playing out they are busy and it sparks 100 more questions from other kids? why what are they doing? why will they be out in 10 minutes? can I call back later?


I do secretly like doing Annabelles hair because it’s possibly the only time I manage to find time to sit and talk to her one on one and find out how she’s doing , if shes ok, what she would like to do, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how she is the middle child and maybe doesn’t get enough attention  as everyone else so would really like to spend a bit more quality time with her, so I have promised that we will curl up in my bed with our pjs on and watch a film together after school I’m actually looking forward to it, I had a little heartbreaking moment yesterday when I cuddled her and she said ‘its been ages since we did this’

I don’t know how parent like those on 16 kids and counting divide themselves so well between their kids, because I try really hard to and its a struggle. I always worry one or the other aren’t getting the right amount of attention.


Anyway I’ve diverted from the topic at hand



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