when you look at the picture you just see ironed uniforms , I see a different story

When you look at the feature picture of this blog post what do you think? it’s just a pile of ironed uniforms ready for the next day of school no big deal right? well to me I see a completely different story let me explain….

Not so long ago there is no way you would have found the kids uniforms washed and ironed and ready on a Friday night instead what you would have found was me early hours of Monday morning say 2-3am frantically trying to get them ready for the next day.

I wasn’t what you would call a very organised mum, I would leave everything on the last minute the uniforms , the housework , appointments you name it I would put it off for as long as possible and that was because unknown to anyone around me I wasn’t in a very good place.

I was constantly being put down by people around me, even people really close to me and it was having a knock on effect , I felt if people thought I was this useless person then what was the point in trying. I was struggling to sleep to the point I was lucky if I was having 2-3 hours per night.

People think I’m this strong confident person who just let’s things go in one ear and out the other but the reality is when I’m on my own people’s words go round and round in my head , even if they are or think they are joking they don’t see the real effects they have.

So I made a decision that when I moved into this house I would stop letting these people and their words and actions affect me, I would cut them away and focus on those who could be bothered to be around me , I would focus on those with positive things to say and ignore the negative things.

So today despite having a really rough day, I woke up absolutely stuffed full of cold , Freddie has been a little monkey and covered the living room in talc , feeling completely crap I cooked, cleaned and on a Friday evening all of the uniforms are washed and ironed ready for Monday morning. I refuse to let people drag me down anymore.


I know I’m a good person and I know I’m the best mum that I can be and I’ve even had compliments on how well behaved my children are. It’s amazing what getting rid of negativity and enjoying positivity can do to your self esteem


so when you look and see just a pile of ironed uniforms I see someone who stopped taking notice of the people who were dragging them down, the person who stopped being lazy because of other people’s actions towards them and I see someone who is trying to the best they can for their children 🙂

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