When trips out don’t go to plan

We’ve all been there, planned a day trip out with the kids and as much as you want it picture perfect like everyone else’s trips seem to go something goes wrong and the day ends in a completely different way to the one that you expected.

Last week I had my nephew ( who you may recognise as he is in the movie Suffragette)  over to stay for a couple of days and had decided that I wanted to take him out somewhere. Originally we had planned on a trip to Cardingmill Valley which is a favourite of all of ours but after the older kids decided to get up quite late and the fact I would have to do 2 trips as everyone wouldn’t fit into the car we changed our minds and decided to go for a walk up The Wrekin instead.

It started off well

I nipped to Aldi to grab some picnic stuff , came home, got everything and everybody ready and set off. As we approached one of the turnings there was a sudden stream of traffic, I noticed cars closer to where it was stopped turning their cars round and going another way so decided to follow suit. From where I was sat it looked like a van had just parked in the middle of the road. We carried on and I dropped the first lot off before heading back home for the rest.

Getting stopped by the police

As I collected the second set and made my way back to The Wrekin a police car zoomed up in front of me and stopped me from moving forward, there were other police cars positioned around the island stopping all the traffic. It soon became clear that the place I had got stuck in traffic earlier was actually a very bad crash. We watched as not 1 but 2 Air Ambulance were circling to find somewhere to land to get to that casualties and police were helping other large lorries to come away from the scene.

By this point Gareth ( who had come to help me with all of the kids) was on the phone worried about where we were so I explained.

Finally getting there

We finally reached The Wrekin, had a picnic at the car as we had decided it would be easier than trying to carry it all up a massive hill. Took a few pictures and done a little recording for Freddie’s Vlog before setting off. If you watch the vlog it will show you exactly how easy it is to make it look like your day is going fantastic when it’s really not lol

On the way up my nephew was amazed at the views and was really enjoying it. Even Bethie who isn’t even 2 yet got out of her pushchair and walked as far as the halfway house. Everyone was in good spirits as we hit the halfway house and all sat down to enjoy catching our breaths and an ice-cream.

Then it all went a little pear shaped

After our rest we set off to complete the next part of the hill stopping whilst the kids played on the trees and taking photographs for this blog post (which was actually supposed to be like a review of a walk up The Wrekin)

Every time we go up there we get a photograph on a certain tree, all the kids pose at different positions and we get to capture the memories, So we asked them to get ready to pose for a photo and that’s when things went very pear-shaped.

As Harry turned to face the camera he slipped and it was almost like slow motion as he bounded down the tree hitting literally everything in his path including his little sister Annabelle.

Luckily Annabelle was there to break his fall because he actually landed on his neck! If she hadn’t broken his fall it would have been far more serious than it was. We got Harry up off the floor and checked him over. We decided due to his injuries that it would be best to abandon the trip out , take him home and give him some pain relief. He was incredibly lucky to get off with just scrapes and a dented pride!

Top Auntie award goes too….

ME! I promised my nephew that I would take him the next day so that he could actually reach the top and I stuck to my promise, he had a fantastic time and really enjoyed looking out over Shropshire. Thankfully that trip was far more successful with absolutely no dramas 🙂

As trips go this one was pretty eventful! Have you had any eventful trips? Let me know in the comments , I’d love to hear your stories , we are planning on doing a few days out over the next few weeks hopefully they wont be as eventful

Thanks for reading


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