What happens when mums have a ‘night off’

So you know you’re going out with the girls for the night and lets face it , it has been so long since you went out that you’ve been counting down the days for weeks. Everyone is so excited that they are ready to leave an hour before the table is even booked so the only sensible thing to do is to meet up at someones house (usually mine if I’m there) and have a couple of drinks to start the night off. Obviously all that is planned is a nice quiet meal at a local indian restaurant after all it’s a school night and everyone has children to get upto the next day and take to school.


Then you arrive at the restaurant and because you’re a mother and your usual conversation usually involves something along the lines of ‘ yes I will get you juice in a second’ or ‘could somebody pass me the baby wipes please’ or ‘ please stop trying to tie your sister up’ everyone feels the need to chat and chat and chat, I mean come on this is actual adult conversation here, not a child in sight just you and some other grown up people. In fact there is so much nattering going on you don’t even realise that you have been there for almost an hour and haven’t even ordered your meal yet! It’s almost like you have to speak about anything and everything right away because who knows when you will get to speak to another adult human again!!! Not only do you have adult conversation but for that short time you are not mum or mummy, you’re not a wife or partner you are YOU , yourself, you’re actual birth name!


So at this point you are all being very good and then someone innocently mentions the word ‘shots’ and this is when you know that what was planned as a nice quiet group of mums having an innocent meal on a school night is possibly not going to be as quiet as was maybe intended, so you take everyones money ( £2.50 each please) and they hand it over, not even knowing what they are paying you for and go upto the bar where the barman looks at you like you’re slightly insane, now here is where I should possibly point out, we are in a very nice indian restaurant, not a pub or a club no no no just a restaurant!
And he waves a bottle of Sambuca at you with a smile on his face, you take it back to the table and instruct everyone to drink the clear liquid placed in front of them.


The meal then continues and the chatting and giggles commence, then someone in the group mentions the fact they don’t really want to go home yet and they are instantly met with several nods of agreement, ‘unfortunately’ for us in our group of friends one of them mentioned that their family owns a local pub and that maybe we should all make our way there and after a tiny little bit of not really very much pursuading the taxi’s are booked and next thing we know we are on our way to the next place.


However as the time ticks by suddenly we are all very aware that we have children and we are still parents and many of us have to get up in the morning for the school run, so we all nod in quiet agreement that its probably time to go home before it is too late and everyone slowly removes themselves from the bar one by one, until everyone is home before 12.

Until next time we get that little taste of freedom 😉 ….

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