We’re still here!

I just thought I’d write a little post just to let you know that we are still very much around it has just been incredibly busy with the school holidays As we aren’t able to do much due to lack of funds and transport we have been trying to find ways to entertain all of the kids without it costing us a fortune.

I’d highly recommend the rocks thing if you haven’t already done it. Around where we live there is a craze called Shropshire Rocks and basically you paint rocks and then hide them for other people to find, they then post a photograph on FB before re-hiding it. You can also just go out hunting for rocks. This has taken up loads of our time this week and we’ve actually spent loads of time as a family out and about. As well as being out in the fresh air it’s also helped with our health kick.

Bethie had a birthday barbecue

We went to my brothers yesterday to celebrate Bethie’s birthday. On Tuesday 29th she turns 1 and I am absolutely devastated! It’s going so quickly and I really wanted her to stay a baby for as long as possible but seen as I don’t have a time machine I decided we should probably celebrate. My brother has a bar in his garden so we spent the afternoon enjoying a healthy barbecue and drinks. ( I had spent the morning making food that was suitable for my diet so I could still enjoy but be healthy at the same time)

My sister-in-law made her a gorgeous chocolate cake ( not so good for the diet) and she thoroughly enjoyed getting tucked in.

I will write about her birthday and how it went on Tuesday. Oh I almost forgot she has started standing up!!! She did it for the first time yesterday without holding anything and today she stood and had a little dance.

The big uns have joined the gym

Both the elder 2 have joined the gym. Where we live they have this great thing called NRGize which is gym sessions for 11- 16 year olds and they had their first week this week. To begin with Ellie wasn’t so sure about if she would enjoy it or not but by the end of the week she was loving it.  I think she felt a little overshadowed by the girls who went who appear to be quite a bit older than she is but she seems to be enjoying it now.

Harry has made us incredibly proud, his determination is really admirable. Harry had a rough time in his old school and has had a few problems at this school so it’s nice to see that he is determined not to be knocked down and stay down. I have a very good feeling that in 6 months time Harry will be a totally different child to the one he is today and will have bags more confidence.

Annabelle has exciting news.

I can’t say anything yet purely because I don’t know if I am allowed to or not but she is appearing to do very well at something we may have coming up so watch this space!

Freddie’s Potty Training

Freddie is doing super fantastic at his potty training. We had to stop for a couple of days as he had a bad tummy but he’s now back at it and has only had one accident today and that was purely because I was out and Gareth was busy so didn’t manage to get him on the toilet in time. He was a very good boy though and tried to sort it himself and put his seat on the toilet etc. He just wasn’t quite big enough.


Gareth and I

We are doing good. I think spending a lot of time as a family has helped us. I very nearly ended up on ITV’s This Morning but as I was due to go on Bruce Forsyth died so they had to make the show about that.  Sad news but the guy had an amazing career and brightened up many lives.


I think that’s all the news I have for now. My posts will be more regular once the kiddies go back to school and I’m not busy trying to make memories.

Thank you for reading


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