We went swimming as a family of 7 for the first time!

As there are so many of us simple things like swimming can be quite daunting especially when there are so many people to get changed and ready. Today however we decided to just go for it and myself and Gareth ( we’re getting closer to becoming a couple again 🙂 ) took all 5 children swimming.

You need to bear in mind that both Freddie and Bethie aren’t the world’s biggest fans of going in a bath so going swimming seemed like a massive task. Also Annabelle is petrified of the swimming pool although she reassured us she wasn’t scared anymore as she had been with the school.

Finding swimming nappies!

Oh well that was a task in itself, I decided it would benefit us all if we took a walk to the local Aldi to find some swimming nappies. The fresh air would do everyone good and it would get the kids off their phones etc for a short while. So off we trotted down the road, running down the street after Freddie and him giving us a heart attack several times running by the road … OK OK he was actually nowhere near the road but I’m overprotective!

Walking round Aldi we decide to pick up some popcorn ready for a movie or games when we get home from swimming and hunt for the swimming nappies, only they didn’t have any. They had wetsuits, pool shoes, even floats and swimming noodles but did they have swimming nappies?? NO!!!

I had to take the car back on Tuesday as it was hired so it means if we want to go anywhere we have to walk. There was no way we were gonna walk anywhere else with Freddie knowing that he still had to walk to the swimming pool later on so I decided to ring the local pool and ask if they sold Little swimmers and thank god they did! We very nearly had to tell an extremely excited 3-year-old he couldn’t go.

We arrived at the pool

and bought the little swimmers and some arm bands before going through to the changing rooms only for Gareth to announce he had forgotten his swimming stuff!

Queue panic stations there was no way I could take all 5 kids in by myself and Freddie already had his arm bands on ready to go in, if we changed our minds now it would have meant a serious toddler meltdown, there was only one thing for it Gareth would have to run all the way home to get his stuff.

Whilst he was gone I carried on getting everyone ready to go in the pool, the bigger children helped me get the little ones ready and then we sat and waited for Gareth to come back, it is at this point Harry finds Gareths swimming stuff in the very front of his bag! So Gareth has gone all the way back home for nothing and we are just sat waiting for him! Freddie wasn’t impressed that he was all ready and had to wait.

Finally we got into the pool

and I can honestly say every little bit of stress was worth it to see all the kids happily playing in the pool, splashing, laughing. Even the little 2 who are normally scared stiff of going in the bath were laughing and splashing around. Ellie finally got the hang of swimming almost completing her first width and Freddie was so confident that he was jumping off the side. Everyone had a great time apart from Annabelle who decided to scream the pool down because I dared to ask her to try to learn to swim. To everyone who may have been in the pool with us I apologise for my (almost 8-year-old) daughters squealing and I promise I wasn’t hurting her I was just trying to get her to let go of the side!

Despite Annabelle’s outburst we really enjoyed it and we regret not taking them sooner, we will definitely be going more often although maybe next time we should get a baby sitter for Annabelle 😉

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