Super excited to be doing a Wedding Planner course with NCC online!

I was given a fantastic opportunity this week where I was able to select any course I would like to do with NCC online in exchange for a completely honest and open review about the course and services.

After browsing through literally hundreds of courses on offer from English and Maths to Neurology or Business administration. They even have courses to help understand a range of difficult  issues such as Autism or ADHD.  There was one particular course that really stood out in my mind. However there are still 3 or 4 courses that I would love to do after this one. I have chosen to do the wedding planner course! I loved the fact that I could look through all of the courses and each one had a detailed description of what was involved.


Why a wedding planner course?

Now anyone who knows me with think why on earth would she choose wedding planning over all of those other really exciting courses? Well I have recently been given the absolute honour and privilege of being asked by one of my very close friends to become her maid of honour and to help her with her wedding. Not only that having been trying to plan our own wedding and still not getting very far with it I figured it would come in extremely helpful. Plus once I have finished the course I will be fully qualified to return to work or be able to start my own business. How exciting is that? I don’t actually know one single wedding planner so it is something different from others and I can just picture how satisfying it must be to sit back at some bodies wedding, watching the love and emotion and everyone having a great time knowing that you helped to create it.


Was it hard to register for the course?

Not at all! I registered for the course I was interested in and within 24 hours I was given my login details ready to begin. Once I logged in I was able to see the entire course aswell as all of the modules and everything that is covered in each module. Everything is very well set out and easy to understand. I can’t wait to get going!


Thank you NCC for giving me the opportunity to review one of your amazing courses and also giving me something to do for me instead of just for the kids or my partner 🙂

**NCC online gave me the opportunity to complete a course in exchange for an open and honest review, any thoughts or feelings about this course both before,during and after are entirely my own.

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