we have teeth and don’t we know about it!

So baby Beth is number 5 for me and has taught me something I’ve never experienced before TEETHING! yes you read it right I have heard all about teething , spoke to parents ripping their hair out over it but I have NEVER experienced the art of teething myself , until now! Those teeth! 



(You will have to excuse the dinner on her nose but if you look carefully you will see her first little tooth poking through)

Anyway as I was saying I’ve never had to deal with teething before , you see my other 4 just seemed to wake up one day with teeth, no red cheeks , no upset , nothing just their usual selves and it was easy I genuinely didn’t get what all the fuss was about, In fact by 6 months old Freddie had almost all of his teeth and not even a whimper!



So little miss Beth has taught me something new this week and that is that teething babies are an absolute nightmare!!!!

who knew that despite calpol, bonjela, teething rings etc you could feel so absolutely blooming useless?

who knew growing teeth could cause enough dribble to drown several large cities?

who knew that your bottom could become so red it would put a tomato to shame from it colour all because of growing some teeth?


it’s at times like this that I am a little jealous of those mummies who use dummies and are able to put them in the fridge.

I know one thing , I now get it when all them mums have been saying to me they can’t wait for those teeth to come through! I feel so sorry for my princess at the moment and so completely useless as nothing I can do can make it better for her.

get well soon Bethie and remember them teethies (she has 2 now) are for eating with not biting mummy!


4 thoughts on “we have teeth and don’t we know about it!

  1. What a cutie! My little boy )now 5 months) has been teething for what feels like forever. So much whingy and drool! Bless him loads of white lumps, I think they are all coming at once!

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