Walking my way to a happier, healthier me!

If you know me then you’ll know that one thing I’ve always struggled with is my weight. I’ve tried diet after diet. Going to the gym, swimming. You name it I’ve tried it! But more recently I’ve discovered the power of walking!

Photographs can make you realise

I’d been to a friends house for a bbq , She had decided to throw a 6 people bbq in order to cheer me up as it was my mums birthday and we had an incredible time. A good laugh, amazing food and played a few games. Everything was nice and happy until I saw the photographs!

When I left my house I thought I looked respectable in a red top and jeans. What I didn’t realise was just how many lumps and bumps it showed. Another friend Tracy sent the photos over the next day and I was absolutely mortified! Aware that I was overweight but completely and blissfully unaware of just how much!

It was time to do something about it

I’ve been the kind of person that will jump on a diet become ridiculously addicted to it then something happens and I fall off the wagon. A bit of an endless circle. These photos however made something somewhere click.

There was no “I’ll start tomorrow or Monday” I was starting this there and then. A slimfast starter pack was on offer on Amazon , so I bought it with next day delivery. Invested in an extra large water bottle and I was ready to go.

My friend Trisha had started walking a short walk everyday so I joined her. After a good walk and chat I realised I actually quite enjoyed it. Soon we were joined by our friend Roy and the 3 of us started taking more walks and making them longer.

Creating a group

We discovered a new passion for walking and Trisha mentioned about starting a new facebook group for other people in the local area to motivate each other on our weightloss journies. Our walks became a daily thing and we started advertising in the group. Before we knew it there were loads of people all wanting to join us on them.

Noticing a difference

The first thing I noticed was that after 2 weeks of walking daily I no longer needed to stop for breaks and to catch my breath. I was able to do the whole thing without stopping at all. Drinking water has also become a bit of an obsession and I’m even seeing the benefits from that too. The hair that I was so stressed about losing is starting to grow back. My skin looks healthier and I’m sleeping so much better! I’m rarely in bed after 11pm now!

I no longer overthink!

Another thing I have noticed is how I no longer overthink the world. I used to spend hours and hours at night time tossing and turning. Going over all the conversations I had that day. Worrying about mindless stuff and generally stressing. You know those people who just go to bed and fall straight to sleep? I used to think they were weird! Like how on earth do people even do that?

Since walking I am now one of those people! If I’m tired I climb into bed and drift straight off to sleep. Feeling stressed is very rare and in general I feel mentally stronger.


I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks now and have already lost 1 stone in weight just by walking and counting calories. It’s crazy when you start counting calories how much you realise things are so bad. An example being, One day I was making the kids a cheese sandwich and was going to make one myself till I looked up the calories in it. Insanely you can have a whole huge salad with chicken and bacon for less!

I’ve still got a very long way to go but I’m definitely very motivated. Last week I was poorly so didn’t do as much. Instead of doing what I usually do and throwing in the towel I waited until I was feeling better then got straight back on it.

Chicken and bacon salad

Walking is a free and incredible thing to have. There are so many nice places you can walk, the benefits are totally worth the blisters and sore feet!
I’ve even managed to get the kids out walking with them joining me on long walks up the local Shropshire hills.

Thanks for reading

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