Venturing out on my own with all 5 kids for the first time!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit rubbish. My head has been quite bad recently but I’m sure it’s just down to stress rather than pressure. I woke up feeling a bit miserable but decided that it was going to be the day where I ventured out of the house on my own for the very first time EVER with all 5 children

Forever to get ready

At 11am I announced to the kids that I was going to take them out for lunch. Little did I know just how long it would take them all to get ready. Firstly the teens had to spruce themselves up. Clean clothes, deodorant and a hair do for Harry. Ellie obviously had to go upstairs and take forever to select her clothes, then do her hair and general girly stuff.

Thankfully Annabelle was already dressed and ready to go and all I had to do was locate clothes and shoes for Freddie and Bethie. ( As usual there were missing shoes, how does that happen? I swear there is a shoe monster in my house that hides them when we aren’t looking)

After an hour and a half ( yes an hour and a half!) They had all beautified themselves ready for us to venture out. I then realised that the car seats weren’t in the car yet. I went out fitted them into the car and then got everyone in the car with very little stress. Everyone was just excited to be finally getting out of the house.


How were they going to handle it

I will be honest, I was a bit concerned how they would behave, in particular Bethie. She isn’t very good around anyone that isn’t me, her dad or her brothers and sisters. However my worries were for nothing. We arrived at the restaurant and she got out of the car with no hassle at all.

Harry grabbed hold of Freddie’s hand and helped him to cross the car park safely to the entrance whilst Ellie helped Bethie. We found our table and started to decide what we wanted from the menu ( I won’t go too much into detail about our actual meal because I am planning on blogging a review about it)

I went to the till to order the food with Freddie and Bethie then we all sat waiting for our food. This is the point where I thought uh oh they’re going to get bored and start playing up. I was completely wrong! All of the children sat chatting and laughing with each other without any fuss at all.


Bethie and Freddie are not great eaters, they eat when it suits them and usually involves being told to sit down several times. Their food came and they sat down like angels and ate pretty much all of their food. I was gobsmacked!

At the restaurant we went to there is a little park so after we had all finished eating we popped outside to have a little play before getting back into the car and coming back home.

I survived

I can genuinely say my concerns about taking all 5 children out on my own weren’t necessary , I had absolutely no reason to worry as every single one of them behaved incredibly and we had a fantastic few hours out of the house!

Venturing out of the house alone with the kids is no longer a scary prospect. I am beginning to realise that actually I can do this and as long as I have my babies by my side, I can pretty much face anything that life has to throw my way


Thanks for reading


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