Our Unusual Advent Calendar!

So we all know that the tradition of advent calendars is that you open a window and inside it is usually a treat of some sort, more often than not it is a chocolate. Well today I was looking on Facebook and saw that one of my blogging friends Sophie from Soph-Obsessed had the most fantastic idea of doing random acts of kindness as an unusual kind of advent calendar.

Being so Christmas obsessed  I went running downstairs to Gareth and the kids and I called them to a family meeting. I told them how as a family we were going to spend the days of advent doing nice things for people and that we needed to find 24. Ellie quickly replied ” But we get chocolate too right?” *groan*

I was surprised at how difficult it was for us to come up with 24 nice things. I mean I don’t think we are that bad and I genuinely thought it would be easy to think of 24 things but apparently it isn’t. We got our head together and came up with some gems. Now if you can think of something we could do as a family in our advent of kindness then please do leave a comment or message to let us know 🙂

Take someones dog for a walk

This one should be relatively easy, half of my friends have dogs, as does my brother. We take our own dog for a walk so will just take another with us too. Will save someones legs!

Offer to get someones shopping

I’m unsure how we will do this as most people like to get their own shopping but even if its going to the shop to get bread and milk. I’m sure we can figure it.

Go and give somebody something they need

I know this one sounds a bit strange and hard to understand but I read something on Facebook or watched a film. In it someone had noticed a girl with tatty shoes on and had just left her some new shoes on the doorstep. It was lovely watching her reaction so we are going along the lines of something similar.

Invite someone round for tea

I absolutely love cooking and usually cook far too much so this should be easy enough.

Take hot chocolate around the neighbours

We love making hot chocolate cones, you fill a see-through cone with hot chocolate powder, top it with mini marshmallows and add some decoration to the bag. So we thought it would be nice if we made some of them and shared them with our neighbours.

Help people pack away their shopping

I’m going to contact a local supermarket and ask if we can go down and just help. I know that a lot of schools and things bag pack to raise money so I’m hoping they will let us go and do it, just to help.

Visit the elderley

Where we live there are two care homes nearby. We have spoken to one already and will be speaking to the others and we will be taking the children to the homes to just sit and chat with the residents. Time and conversation doesn’t cost a penny and will mean the world to them people.


These are just a small handful of what we have come up with and I’m super excited to tell you our adventures in December! Like I said before if you can think of something that we can do then please do let us know. Or maybe you know someone who could do with some cheering up of some kind? If so get in touch!



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