Back to School – Uniforms – So expensive yet you get no choice!!!

School uniforms these days are so expensive especially now there are no longer bog standard schools around and everything seems to have been turned into an academy. Long gone are the days where you could buy cheap uniforms from supermarkets. Asda, Tesco and Aldi all do great uniforms and I mean yes they are still available the only problem is once your child hits secondary school they are no long allowed to wear it!

Is it unfair to expect parents to pay so much?

I understand that uniforms are there for a reason, they are designed so that everyone looks smart and they help prevent bullying for students whose parents maybe can’t afford the latest designer wear, but this doesn’t quite work when they become so expensive that parents are now trying to get as much use out of them as possible meaning that children are wearing clothes that are too small or tatty looking.

My children’s school have gone even further in the fact that they have managed to prevent you from being able to pass down the uniform to siblings. How you may ask? Because their P.E Kits have to be embroidered with their initials on meaning that they can’t be passed on unless your child has the same initials as their sibling.

Ellies P.E kit got stolen just before they broke up for the holiday. I was and still am more than a little peeved about this as they were quite new to the school and the uniform was only a few months old not only that but now I have to fork out again for a new P.E kit. As I mentioned above at their school the uniform has to be embroidered so I can’t even get away with getting her a replacement from somewhere cheaper.

Here is an example just of her P.E Kit, not forgetting her blazer, jumper, shirt, trousers, bag, stationary, shoes, coat , trainers.

P.E T-shirt – £17.50

P.E Shorts – £15.95


That is the very basic of a P.E Kit they also have fleeces, joggers, socks.

Why do I feel its unfair?

I don’t think that its unfair children have to wear uniforms. I think they look smart and I can see why there is a school uniform however I don’t agree with the fact that it is so expensive. If I was in a position where I couldn’t afford to buy my daughter or son a blazer for example, My child would then be punished with a detention even though it was no fault of their own. For some children the meal they get at school is the only hot meal they get because people are becoming too poor.

Imagine how much those same parents struggle to get the uniform money together. Now I know there will be some of you out there with the whole “Shouldn’t have kids if you can’t afford them” attitude but situations change and as hard as you try to plan for the future you can’t guarantee whats ahead and everything can suddenly change. When Harry was born I was working in a high paid job, married to his dad who also had a very good job and we were comfortable. I couldn’t foresee the health issues and marriage breakdown that would follow. Not everyone who is at home and not in work is lazy some have very valid reasons for it.

Schools keep your uniforms but for everyone’s sake lower the cost or be a bit more lenient on what you accept.


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7 thoughts on “Back to School – Uniforms – So expensive yet you get no choice!!!

    1. Harry & Ellies blazers are £36, I refused to buy them new ones just yet, the ones from last year still fit, I will buy them new ones after Christmas x

  1. I totally agree I bought two cardigans, pe shorts and tshirt and its cost £40. I’ve salvaged the tie even though it had a small mark on it. That’s just the ‘branded’ items. My circumstances are a lot different nowadays with 3 children to buy for. I am dreading next year when my eldest daughter starts high school. I believe it’s even worse. And my other daughter will be starting primary school. 😱😱😱 and my baby will be starting preschool. X

    1. This year I have 2 in senior , 1 in primary and 1 in pre-school. It does get more and more expensive. I’ve refused to buy them new blazers, I would rather buy them after Christmas expecially when they’re growing so fast x

  2. I have three in primary school for the first time and don’t have blazers, but skorts are a new thing to me. After having two boys it was a bit weird. Wasn’t as expensive from Asda. The kilt and kilt pinafore were a hefty chunk though. There are some great tips here for saving money xx

    1. Wait till they get to senior school it soon mounts up. I love your kids uniform its so pretty!
      Unfortunately with the older ones the only things I can get froma supermarket is their trousers and shirts everything else can only be bought from 1 certain shop

      1. We’re not even allowed to buy A’s trousers or shirts from anywhere but The School Shop 🙁 all items have to be “Trutex brand” trousers are £26 a pair and shirts £12 for 2 😥😥 without shoes, bag, coat etc we’ve spent £350 so far 🙁 and that’s on “compulsory” uniform items 👎🏻

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