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When it comes to food shopping. I rarely find the time to actually get to the shops to do a full-blown shop. It’s usually a case of a quick nip to the supermarket or an online delivery so when UK Fresh Meats contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in testing out their meat I was more than happy to oblige I am THE worlds fussiest eater. In fact I’m surprised my kids aren’t more fussy than they are living with me. I’m guessing feeding me is like feeding a toddler. There is more of a list of foods that I wont eat than there is of foods that I will.

Meat is one of the things I’m extremely fussy about. I don’t like most meats or if I do then they have to be extremely fresh. No fat on them, cooked in a certain way. Like I said I’m like a toddler!

UK Fresh Meats who are they?

UK Fresh meats are an award-winning meat company based in Telford , Shropshire.  They were nominated for exceptional meat supplier and walked away with a special recognition award for their efforts within the industry.

As well as having a 5 star hygiene rating all of their meats come from approved suppliers who can provide full traceability right back to the farm.

UK Fresh meats collecting their award
UK Fresh Meats collecting their award

Catering Supplies

UK Fresh Meats also cater for Hotels, Restaurants, Pub’s and Cafe’s in and around the West Midlands. If you have a business and you need fresh meat which is locally sourced, cut to order and delivered the very next day then these guys have a dedicated team who will manage your account right from order to deliver, They make sure that you are aware of all the market trends and latest offers.

Fresh chicken breasts

My Delivery

I had spoken with Ross and was told an exact day and time that he would arrive with my goodies. As soon as the door knocked I knew what it was. I opened the door to a very smiley, well presented guy who was very friendly and polite.

For me it was a mystery box. I had told Ross the meats that I didn’t like and he had put together a hamper based on my own personal preferences which I thought was a lovely touch. My meat came well packaged in boxes that were clearly labelled.

What I received

When I opened the boxes I was on Instagram stories showing everybody what I had received so they found out when I did and saw my reaction to it. Inside the box was an array of goodies to try there was
1 x whole chicken ( this chicken was massive and plenty big enough for my large family)
4 x pork loin steaks ( I was very relieved the pork came without bones and as some pork steaks have bones in and I’m definitely not a fan of meat on the bone)
1 x pack of lean mince beef
1 x sausages ( I am not joking when I say these sausages were huge! )
4 x burgers
1 x pack chicken kebabs
2 x steak
1 x pack of chicken breasts
1 x pack of stewing steak
Italian meatballs

hearty italian meatballs

There really was a fantastic variety of items and a lot of it.

What did we think?

My first reaction to most of the items was how big they were! From the chicken to the sausages everything was large. I also noticed how fresh it all looked.

The packs showed that the items were ok to go into the freezer which was great as there was no way I’d have been able to eat all of that in time otherwise.

The chicken breasts were a lovely colour and looked really plump. I’m so fussy that if something even slightly looks off colour it’s game over for me especially chicken breast. I don’t like them when they contain a lot of stringy bits and these contained none of that.


If there is any downside to the meats it’s the fact they don’t give you cooking instructions on the packaging like they would if you got them from a supermarket. This was fine for me as I’ve been cooking for pretty much as long as I could talk but I’m trying to teach my teenagers how to cook different meals so having that for them to be able to look it up would have been a great addition.

Items such as the chicken kebab skewers and Italian meatballs did have a list of ingredients so that if you were to have an allergy you would be able to check it.

Every meat that was cooked was beautiful. Even the mince which I am super fussy about was perfect. I have this thing about mince and pieces of gristle in it. The mince we received from UK Fresh meats was lean and I never found even the slightest trace of nastiness.

I don’t eat meatballs however these were a huge hit with the kids. The added bonus of them being loaded with Italian herbs means that you just needed a plain sauce to go with them.

Overall thoughts and feelings.

UK Fresh meats is fantastic when it comes to fresh meat. They do deliver but sadly they only deliver to Telford unless you are a business or hotel in which case they will deliver throughout the West Midlands.

The service received from start to end was very good. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to customer service and being polite but we have had nothing but great communication from the beginning.

The delivery was quick and the meat was incredibly tasty. Would I use them again?

Yes , of course I would. So far we haven’t tried anything that we don’t actually like ( we still have a couple of bits to try)

UK fresh meats sausages


Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you make the decision over whether to order or not if you are a local person or a business over


** I was given a meat hamper in exchange for a review, all thoughts and feelings are entirely my own

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