I’ve been nominated for an award!

Recently I received an email saying that I had been nominated for an award from the people at the UK Blog awards and I just had to fill in the form then wait to see if I had gotten through to the next round.I can only imagine that this is how the guys on the Xfactor feel waiting to see if they’ve got through. A week or so later Gareth received an email saying that he had gotten through to the second stage. Frantically I started checking my emails waiting to see if I had gotten one. All over social media there were bloggers announcing that they were through but I still didn’t have an email.

I’m not going to lie I was disappointed. I work very hard on my blog and literally put hours each week into trying to provide something that people will want to read or that could help someone. However I decided it wasn’t meant to be congratulated all of the other bloggers and carried on with my day.

The discovery

A few weeks later the voting was open. I was scrolling through voting for my favourite bloggers. (There are plenty of them to choose from) and as I was voting I spotted something.

Right there, underneath Gareth’s name was MINE! Turns out that I had gotten through to the next stage. Not only was I there but I was nominated in not 1 but 2 catergories. Parenting and Lifestyle.

I didn’t want to get too excited in case there had been some sort of mistake and I wasn’t supposed to be there, So I contacted the UK Blog Awards to see if it was real and if I had really got through to the voting stage. After what seemed like forever ( It wasn’t it was about 3 hours) I received my reply.

This was true! I really was through to the voting stages. There had been a mix up with email addresses where my email kept returning their email back to them so I hadn’t received all the information I should have.

Finally sorted

The good news is I now have everything I need to start getting votes ( although I am now a couple of weeks behind everyone else which worries me slightly)

Every single day I pour my heart and soul into my blog, whether it’s working on Instagram, contacting companies, searching Twitter. Researching sensitive matters and medical things so that I know I’m telling the right facts. Finding helplines and support groups for people and sharing with you the tantrums and triumphs of my children.

So here I am shamelessly asking , if you enjoy what I do. Have fun when we chat on social media. My advice has helped you in any sticky situations or you just love seeing my pictures. Whatever the reason. If you love my blog then I would really appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes out of your day to give me a little vote or two ( you can vote more than once so I’m told)


Thank you and thank you for all of your support whilst I’ve been on this crazy blogging journey


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