Trying to find time as a couple pointless during the school holidays?

As you will know if you follow the blog Gareth and I have had problems recently and we are trying our best to work through them. One thing we really struggle with is getting quality time together. Just the two of us without any children around and this is even more difficult now the children are getting older ( we can’t throw a 13-year-old to bed at 7pm ) ┬áThe is even harder during the school holidays, we can’t even use the excuse of school the next morning to lure them to their bedrooms.

Date night? What’s one of those?

We had arranged a date night this week Gareth had asked his mum to babysit, We even knew where we were going and what we were doing. Gareth has never been to Jenko’s and after reading my review he wanted to try it out for himself. So it was all set, Wednesday evening we were going to go out just the two of us and enjoy some time in each others companies. What could possibly go wrong?

SCHOOL BLOOMIN UNIFORMS that’s what. With 4 children at school age , 2 in secondary school, 1 in primary school and 1 in nursery buying uniforms is no simple task. So by the time I’d bought half of the uniforms ( yes only half the other half will have to wait another week) There was no money left over for us to go out. Queue Gareth cancelling his mum and us doing nothing.

It was OK though we decided that we would have a date night in the house instead only that didn’t happen either because we ended up in the back garden with the kids doing exercises and skipping. If you aren’t aware I have started a new mission to lose weight and get healthier so last night was spent exercising. It’s OK though because we said we would do it tonight instead. It is already 10PM , It isn’t looking promising!

Spending time is important

I think we all forget that we aren’t just parents we are partners and people too and spending time alone is very important for a relationship so I WILL re-arrange our date night and we will go , it may just mean that we have to wait until the kids are all 18……

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One thought on “Trying to find time as a couple pointless during the school holidays?

  1. I’m a mum to 6 daughters ranging from age 20 to 7. I feel for you with Date Nights. Myself and hubbyof 21 years have recently taken advantage of our older girls being that age we can leave them to look after the youngest. But when it comes to Uniform I really do sympathise I have one going into year 9,one starting secondary school,1 going into year 3 and 2 in college. It costs us an absolute fortune. Not just uniform but all products for my 2 college girls. As the college do not supply materials anymore. Ridiculous!!
    Anyways .. make time for yourself and Gareth. Get the kids to bed one NIGHT early.. cook yourselfs a romantic meal and have it over candle light .. movie and cuddles in the sofa after.
    Quality time is the best time us adults sometimes forget about ourselves. Take care

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