Trying to find my old holiday park friends – Can you help?

We all have people who come in and out of our lives and leave a million memories that we forever hold.  I have spent a long time recently thinking about the old me, the people who made an impression on my life whilst I worked in holiday parks , the people I became close to and where they are now and what they are up to. With this in mind I decided to use the art of Social media in an attempt to find them and so far the response has been fantastic, However I am still no closer really to finding the people I am looking for.

Charlene – Irish – Blonde Hair – Worked at Haggerston Castle in 1999 and Weymss Bay 2000 in catering.

I was an entertainer back then and part of the entertainments team. Charlene worked in catering. We became great friends and she was incredibly funny. One night we went out to Glasgow with our friends Gordon and David ( whom I have also lost touch with and would love to hear from ) The night is a bit of a blur somewhere between falling asleep on a bouncers leg and getting back to our site we had managed to some how leave the taxi without paying. This only coming to light when dragged in the office by the manager who told me. I was mortified! ( Don’t worry we made sure the taxi man got his cash)

She also used to have a nickname for me and the only reason I am not sharing it is so that when or if I find her. I will know her from her knowing my little name haha!

Wayne – Manchester (possibly) – Dark hair- Has a lisp – Always wore a denim jacket – Butlins – Minehead 2000/2001

Wayne worked in environmental and I worked on the funfair/catering.  We were brilliant friends and we used to spend a lot of times together. He was my male bestie back then and I would love to know what he’s up to now, did he get married? does he have children? did he ever decide to grow up ?

There are so many more people

That I spent time with during my holiday parks and I would love to hear from anyone at all who may remember me.  I really would like to find Charlene and Wayne but I would also like to hear how the following people are doing too so if anyone knows of them or their whereabouts pass on my details and I will be sure to update you with any progress.

Haggerston Castle – 1999

Alison – Ginger hair – worked on bars

Rodney – Long dark hair – worked in Burger King

Marion – Ginger hair – Scottish – Worked in Burger King

Tony – He was part of the entertainments team doing work experience – Short Blonde Hair

Weymss Bay- 2000

Mel – Long Dark Hair – Entertainments Team – Left with a poorly throat.

Gordon – Short dark hair – Bar Staff

David – Gingery/browny hair – Bar Staff

Ocean Edge – 2000

Annie – One of the owners on site but used to help me with Ents , we went to get our tongues pierced together in a moment of madness.

Chris – Bar Manager

Butlins – Minehead – 2000/2001 ( Including Christmas )

Stuart – Short Blonde hair – Laser ( Think it was called Megabowl )

Jason – Short Dark hair – Laser

Stuart – Short Dark Hair – Chef

David – Short Blonde Hair – Windsor

Tristan – Lived with Stuart and David – Short Dark Hair – Photographer

Catherine – Long hair – not sure where she worked but think it was photographer

Presthaven Sands – 2003

Robert – Fun Fair – Short dark hair Scottish

Katie – long dark hair  – Scouse

Tony – skinhead – Catering Manager

Dave – Lifeguard

Wayne – Lifeguard

These are just a few of the people I would love to hear about there are so so many more but I am super eager to hear how Charlene and Wayne are doing. Like I said previously I am also looking forward to hearing from anyone else who may remember me from staff to customers.

It’s crazy to think we all lived together/ worked together and spent so much time in each others pockets but life got in the way and we are no longer in touch. I also lost all of my photos meaning that it feels like I was never there.

There are some people who will read this and say cow never mentioned me and that’s probably because I’ve already spoken to you haha!

I would really appreciate it if you could share this post and help me find my old friends. I will update you on any findings! Even if you don’t know any of the people I have mentioned by sharing it you may well catch the eye of somebody who does!

*Update * I was contacted by a girl called Gemma who stated she knew a Wayne from Butlins, Wayne contacted me and he did in fact know me but crazily despite working at Butlins at exactly the same time and knowing the same people it wasn’t from there. I had in fact grown up and gone to school with his sister Lisa! 

Gemma who originally contacted me then asked if I had a daughter born on 9th August 2009, I do! Annabelle was born on that day. It turns out we gave birth on the same day in the same hospital less than an hour apart! 




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