Why you should treasure EVERYTHING your child gives you

We all have those moments where our little one gives us a stone or a piece of scrap paper with a scribble on. Maybe they made something to treasure? I think sometimes we are far to quick to give a ‘that’s lovely’ and putting it on the side without even thinking about it. I’m definitely guilty of it.

Today Freddie walked in from school and proudly handed me a dandelion and 2 little white stones. I told him how amazing they were and then took a photo of them. The reason I did this is because yes I’m probably going to throw it away. The dandelion will die. The stones will get lost however with a picture of it I can remember the day he gave it me. So why would I want to remember another day where he has handed me something on the way from school. Baring in mind this is the 3rd time this week he has bought me something?

My gorgeous 2-year-old went out of his way to pick me the brightest dandelion and held it carefully, he then picked up the stones and put them in his pocket to keep them safe until he got to me. Freddie took time out of his big walk home from nursery to carefully choose that just for me which means whilst he was walking home he was thinking about me and wanted to give me a gift. I was on his mind and he wanted to do something special for me. Who am I to dismiss such a caring loving thought?

Over the years I have had pictures, colouring-ins , handmade ornaments, Christmas decorations. You name it I’ve had it, a lot of it has gone in the bin but I still hang the decorations that Harry ,Ellie and Annabelle made me in nursery on the tree every year and will continue to do so until they are grown and I have grandchildren. In fact I remember growing up my mum used to always hang up a little Christmas tree and star that I made when I was in nursery and every year up until I left home I loved it when it came out of the box. It meant a lot to me that my parents had kept something that I had made for them.
When discussing the fact I was going to write this post Gareth eagerly went into his wallet and said I can show you something I have and inside his wallet folded neatly was the pictures the kids had made him not long after he met them.  Ellie had drawn a picture saying thank you for cleaning up her sick and that she loved him. She must have been around 7 when she made it and she is 12 now.

I also spoke to some blogging friends and asked them if they had anything that they had kept that may seem insignificant to other people but means everything to them here is what they had to say :

Jen from Just Average Jen  shared this little gem with me : Six years ago my son  Ben made this necklace for me out of clay at school “mum it’s special because it is a pattern circle circle heart circle circle” I treasure it xx 
Kelly from Lets Go Somewhere Nice excitedly told me :  For my birthday my little one made me an owl out of toilet paper! It’s one of my most proudly displayed ornaments

Rachel from Coffee Cake Kids  said proudly : A few months ago my four-year old gave me a stone off the beach. He told me it was a beautiful stone like mommy, and he chose it for me. I still have that stone.

Louise from A Strong Coffee lovingly shared her picture and story :  A bracelet middle man-made me. He cried as I collected him from the club where he made it as it had broken and he had lost some letters of my name. He was upset as he just wanted to make me something really nice and special. Luckily the lady that ran it for her box of beads back out for him. 
Natasha from Mummy and Moose told me her treasured items story : When I was poorly with a sickness bug my daughter got up early and made me a card just out of paper. Instead of writing Get Well Soon she wrote Get Well Now – it’s just so her. I have kept it in a drawer for 6 years so far

Lisa from Mummy Gummie has already started her collection :  My sons only 16 months old but I love my first Mother’s Day card he made me this year at nursery and I know I will treasure it forever! 💙

Kelly from Nature Mum Blog raised a really good point with her response when she said : Everything they give me. I obviously don’t keep everything but I make sure they know how special every gift is. That stone, that flower or anything else that seems insignificant is the only thing they have to offer.

Vikki from Family Travel With Ellie Shared how her special gift lift her up on a bad day : My son wrote this poem when he was 7, which ended up being printed in a poetry book. I love it so so much . It’s got such an endearing little boy humour and charm. When I’m having a difficult day , reading this reminds me I’m doing something right 😊 

So as you can see it’s very easy to just throw the things away but your little person took time and effort either choosing, writing or making that special present for you, so next time before you throw it take a picture to remember it 🙂
If you have a lovely piece that you treasure please feel free to share it with me in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Why you should treasure EVERYTHING your child gives you

  1. What a lovely post. I wasn’t as keen by the dead Daisies I was given the other day but the thought was there. Thanks for including me and I’ll make sure I take more pictures x

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