Top Tips to Make Your House Christmassy for the Kids

Kids love Christmas. For them, it is a magical time of the year. Therefore, it really is worth making it as special as possible. A big part of doing so is getting the decorating right.

Last year, I had a good clear out and threw away virtually all of our decorations, so have the perfect excuse to buy some new ones. As a result, I have already started looking around online to see what is available and I am pleased to report that there are some great decorations available.

Movie themed decorations

It is particularly nice to see retailers going back to some of the more traditional styles of decorations. These fun Disney Christmas character decorations are a perfect example of this trend. They are very well made, so can potentially be used as Christmas ornaments, for many years to come. Character-based or movie themed decorations are fun. They also make great gifts for friends and relatives.

Buy a few LED light decorations

Decorating the outside of your home is a good way to create a more Christmassy feel. To a large extent, the inflatable Santa has had its day. Instead, all of the shops are stocking LED frame decorations shaped like reindeer, sleighs and other Christmas related items. Provided you have somewhere to plug them in they are really easy to set up.

Hang some Christmas stockings

Kids love presents, so it is always nice to hang a Christmas stocking for each of them. A friend of mine adds a small present to each of them every day for a couple of weeks prior to Christmas. This is a great way to build excitement and it also makes sure that the kids have plenty of presents to open over the festive season.

Get baking

Making your own Christmas treats and getting the children involved is a nice way to create a more festive ambience. Potentially, you could start making your Christmas cake now.

Let them decorate their own bedrooms

For an even more Christmassy feel, you could let your children hang some decorations in their own bedrooms. It will keep them occupied for a couple of hours and they will enjoy creating something special.

Get out those Christmas jumpers

Instead of leaving all of those Christmas jumpers you have been given in the drawer, why not get a few out and wear them around the house. You will stay lovely and warm as well as look more festive.

Let the kids make some decorations

Getting your children involved in decorating your home is well worth doing. Every year, mine happily while away hours making glittery snowflakes for the tree. It is one of our favourite traditions and something we start doing several weeks before Christmas. This helps us to get into the festive mood early.

Most kids love being involved in creating something different. If your children enjoy painting, drawing or crafts, why not let them make some of the decorations themselves? You can find more fantastic Christmas decoration craft ideas, here.


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