My Top Ten Cheap meals for a large family

Like every family we have our good weeks and our bad weeks. I have recently , moved over from a mum that used to live on ready-made sauces chucked with a bit of chicken to a mum that now home cooks almost every day. I discovered whilst looking at different diets that I actually much preferred home-cooked meals. Not only did I enjoy the actual cooking but I also like the flavour. They taste so much better! 

Now home cooking can be more expensive that just throwing in a jar but realistically it doesn’t cost that much more and at least I know whats going into it. The other day I made a vegetable lasagna. I predicted that Ellie would eat everything but the courgettes. Harry would eat the whole thing. Annabelle would try it pull a face and say she had tried it and didn’t like it when she hadn’t even tried it, Freddie would refuse to eat it because it’s stinky and Beth would eat it all because she loves her food. I was wrong, EVERYBODY apart from Freddie ate it all! Even miss fussy Annabelle cleared her plate which is incredible. Anyway I am going to share with you my favourite cheap to make meals. I will provide links to the recipes on different websites. 

I will write-up ‘My’ version of each of these for you as I make them.

The Top 10

  1.  Cottage Pie – ( Not to be confused with Shepherds Pie , yes there’s a difference) This is not only cheap but extremely filling too. You can bulk it up by adding extra vegetables or you can add vegetables to serve it with. We like ours with a side of broccoli.
  2. Cheese and Potato pie – I don’t make this anywhere near as often as I should! its Cheap, very easy to make and you can serve it with pretty much anything. I serve it either with a side salad or with beans or spaghetti hoops
  3.  Chicken Curry – I have added the link to my recipe for this one, If nothing else it should give you a little giggle.
  4.  Spaghetti Bolognese – Cheap and cheerful and very filling.
  5. Sunday Dinner – Who doesn’t love a big fat roast? (I’ve added the link to how to roast a chicken)
  6. Meatballs and Spaghetti – Filling and a big favourite in our house ( I don’t like it but the rest demolish it)
  7. Pasta bake – You can put whatever you like into pasta bake, Our new favourite is pizza pasta where we add tomato puree, pepperoni and cheese.
  8. Lasagna – Now until last week I would have said Lasagna is the best meal in the world ever. That is until I discovered Vegetable lasagna which is even tastier!
  9.  Tuna Melt – We love tuna melt in our house , we serve ours on a baguette with a side salad
  10.  Fajitas – I love these because they are filling , cheap and packed full of flavour.

There you go my favourite 10 homemade meals for a large family. If you enjoyed this and prefer a little more comedy in your life then check out my Bread Roll recipes ( not you’re typical recipe and not suitable for kids to read)

Thanks for reading



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