Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!

Christmas is fast approaching and many people turn into a bit of a flap over it. From finance to food, the pressure is definitely on to ensure that Christmas is magical and memorable and it can quite often feel like you are taking the brunt of all of it. I thought it would be quite nice if I gave you a few of my favourite bloggers and personal top tips for ensuring it goes smoothly.

Mummy Of 5 Miracles Top 10 Tips

  1.  Make sure that you order your fresh shopping as soon as the dates are released. Many supermarkets don’t actually take the money from your bank until they do the delivery. Book your slot and even if you just put random items in your trolley until you figure out exactly what you need at least you already have the slot waiting. It is a nightmare trying to get a slot the closer it gets and they usually sell out quite rapidly.
  2. Write a list of what gifts you have bought and who they are for. If you’re like me you will wrap them up put them away then forget who has what, this way you have it to hand without the need to guess. Just make sure you hide it from little eyes!
  3. If you plan on eating out then book with plenty of notice, this way you can spread the cost by dropping in amounts of your bill each week until it is fully paid, therefore only leaving you the drinks to worry about.
  4. If you’re cooking at home then make sure you give plenty of time for your turkey to fully defrost ( I have been in the situation where I’ve been trying to thaw out a massive turkey in a cleaned out bath! #Truestory)
  5.  Activities around Christmas don’t need to be expensive. My kids LOVE making snowflakes for the tree. It keeps them occupied for hours and hours but all it costs is some paper , scissors and a little glitter. Every year they look forward to making decorations for the tree and it’s something we do all together as a family.
  6.  Don’t waste money on things such as reindeer food. It is far easier and cheaper to make it yourself just using some cheap porridge oats and glitter.

  7. Take the kids in the car for a trip to see all of the different Christmas lights. Where we live is a lovely little village called Haughton where the whole neighbourhood completely fills their houses with lights and animations for you to look at. They have collection boxes around to raise money for charities and it’s a great way to get out and about without spending a fortune.
  8.  Don’t over think it! If you are like me then you will want everything to be perfect from the decorations to the games, the gifts to the food but the truth is nobody will remember how many sprouts they had on their plate or which socks they received. What they will remember is the time they spent with you laughing and giggling.
  9.  Most supermarkets now have cards where you can add a little throughout the year until it mounts up, this covers a great deal of your Christmas shopping, especially as these days there isn’t really much that supermarkets don’t sell so you can buy your groceries and some presents.
  10.  Offer to give someone a Christmas dinner, now I know this isn’t really helping YOUR Christmas to go smoothly but last year I found myself with LOTS of food left over and I felt quite sad that we had so much food left over when there were many people who didn’t have a Christmas dinner, I even took to Facebook to ask if anybody needed a dinner. If you have elderly neighbours or even perhaps someone single and who may be struggling just offer them a Christmas dinner. It could make a difference between them having an awful Christmas and a great one.

Here’s what my beautiful blogging friends had to say when I asked for their top tips  …

Lianne – Anklebiters Adventures – I buy dry food bits every week with my food shop from sept – so things like pickles , tins of chocs , biscuits etc and store them away.

VictoriaThe Growing Mum – If hosting, make a timetable for the whole meal preparation so you’re less likely to forget things! (I winged it one year and discovered veggies in the microwave the next morning oops).

Amy The Smallest of Things – Book early and go out! Then no one has to be in charge of cooking, clearing up and you can all enjoy it together! And you may even meet new people.

Pete Household Money Saving – Get your present shopping finished by November. That way, there’s no last-minute dashes or a dreaded postal strike. Plus, you can take your time and pick up some bargains.

Eva Captain Bobcat – Don’t host a Christmas dinner. Try to convince the rest of the family to do it  ( My favourite answer by far! )

RebeccaRaising Fletcher and Eden –  Be prepared and start early. Shop online and have it all delivered where possible.

LauraMum on a Mission – If you are hosting Christmas dinner get the guests to pull their weight. We usually have 16-18 for Xmas dinner but I don’t prepare anything! One auntie does the veg, someone else does the potatoes, someone makes stuffing, another person does dessert etc. All I have to do is put the turkey in the oven on the day and reheat everything! Plus it splits the cost!

GarethDaddy Giraffe –  Prepare all of your vegetables the night before so that you don’t have to spend your Christmas morning in the kitchen.


So there you have it, everything you need to be prepared in plenty of time! Fingers crossed for a smooth Christmas and if YOU have a tip you’d like to share leave it in the comments. I’m always happy to chat Christmas with anyone!





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