A toddler love story – Freddie & Evelyn

When you’re pregnant it can become very isolated. Your friends vanish into thin air because they think you can no longer do anything and the world goes much quieter. This is why I decided to join Babycentre and see if I could make some friends. People in the same situation as I was and people who I could talk to when I needed to. Little did I know it would be the start of the cutest little toddler love story ever!

The beginning …

One night I signed up to Babycentre to see if I could meet some new people and so I didn’t feel so isolated, I signed up for my birth board and started chatting. After discussing where everyone was from I discovered someone who lived in the same town as me. Her name was Mel and we hit it off straight away. We are both a tiny bit nuts which meant that we bounced off each other. With Mel only living maybe 10 minutes away it was only natural that we HAD to meet in person.

We agreed to meet in town. What shocked me the most was how incredibly quiet Mel was. The person I spoke to on the internet seemed to be a different person to the shy lady sat in front of me in the cafe. We spent a few hours together and then went home. As I spoke to Mel online again she was back to her bouncy self.  We excitedly shared all different parts of our pregnancy as well as grumbled early hours in the morning when we couldn’t sleep, or it was too hot.

The scans …

We were both getting both nervous and excited as our scans approached, Mel was first with her anomaly scan followed by my sexing scan. I think I can speak for both of us when I say how excited we were that we both were expecting different sexes. Mel was to have a beautiful little girl and I was going to have a handsome young man.

Maybe it was us being silly, or maybe it was hormones but we joked around and there and then decided they were going to fall in love, get married we would become the In-Laws. We sat and mapped it all out for them.



Our pregnancies progressed as did our friendship. We would put the world to rights or even just went our frustrations together and sharing all the magical moments. You need to remember that we were just strangers before we spoke on the baby group and now we were sharing crazy details with each other such as leaking boobs and constipation.

Pregnant Mel
Pregnant me – Believe it or not I was 8 months here and for some reason my bump vanished


They were born …

Soon enough the time came for us to give birth. We were constantly messaging each other waiting for news of the births and discussing how we could get labour started. Mel was first giving birth to Evelyn on 07/07/14  at 10am weighing 8lb 1oz then it was an agonising wait for Freddie who made his appearance late on 13/07/14 at 6:56am weighing 9lb 9oz


Brand new Evelyn
Brand new Freddie

Life and looking after newborns got in the way and time flew, we continued to stay in touch online often sending messages from Evelyn to Freddie and vice versa, in them we would mention how they couldn’t wait to meet each other.

We called Freddie babba giraffe

Before we knew it the years flew by with Freddie and Evelyn sharing stories of their adventures and where they had been with Mummy but they never got round to meeting

Until today….

Today both of us mummies finally managed to meet up with Evelyn and Freddie. For the first time since the pregnancy journey , the messages, the birth stories, the adventures Freddie and Evelyn went to the park. It was pouring down with rain but nobody cared. It was so amazing , incredible and cute to see them together after all this time. The pregnancies were quiet a journey and here we were in a local park and Freddie and Evelyn got to meet!

As they grow from babies, to toddlers, to children and then adults I have no doubt that their friendship will remain so all I will say it

To be continued ……

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