To the new me, from the old me

Hey new Chez or should I say Cheryl?

I wanted to write to you to give you a talking to!…. what on earth are you playing at? What happened to you and when did you become soft and a bit of a pushover? The Chez I know wouldn’t sit back and take the crap handed to them. The Chez I know wouldn’t let people get to them or drag them down. She also wouldn’t sit there and take anything without putting up a fight.

The new Chez? Well she appears to just take It, time and time again. The new Chez spends hours lay awake thinking about people and conversations that have happened. Trying to figure out what’s wrong with her.

What happened to your motto? “I didn’t know you before I don’t need to know you Now?” Stop letting people grind you down. Be the person you are. Say it how it is and stop letting people walk all over you. This isn’t you, you’re a million times better than this.

Put on your big girl pants, shoulders back, tits out and enjoy life. Love those who love you and those who can’t be bothered because it’s too much effort. Or have nothing but negativity, those who can’t be there when your child is seriously ill or your single-handedly  trying to look after 5 kids with your partner sick in hospital don’t deserve to be there now just because they want to know what’s going on. I mean let’s face it most of them didn’t even wish your son a happy birthday.

Be you , people with either love you or hate you for it but stop wasting your time on those who don’t care. If people can’t value your self-worth balls to them

Yours hopefully

Old Chez


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