Letting go : It’s time to cut the apron strings and I HATE it!

Today my blog is sadly about that time where you have to start letting go of your children as they grow up. Last week my eldest child Harry turned 13 and yesterday Ellie-Jayne turned 12. Today however realisation truly kicked in that they are just too big to need me as much anymore and it’s horrible!  Harry asked the other day if he was able to go to Blists Hill with his friends.

If you have never been Blists Hill is a fantastic day out for the family. It is a tiny town full of different shops and things to see but everything is set in Victorian times. You can go to see the bakers, watch a candle being made. Even see how Victorian schools used to be. So it’s not only fun but extremely educational too. I will pop the link to their website at the bottom of this post so you can see for yourself.

Letting them go …

My initial thought when asked if Harry could go with his friends was one of horror! What my little boy going on a day out with his friends without me? But there was more not only would he be going without me but he wouldn’t be going with ANY parents at all. Just him and his friends. This filled me with dread. In my eyes he is still my little boy. Then my reasonable brain kicked in that said he is now 13, he isn’t a child anymore he is a growing teenager and I wouldn’t be helping his street cred at all if I said no. So I VERY reluctantly said yes.


I was going to ask Harry to get his friends mum to call to confirm everything and then it dawned on me that when we had his friends round for pizza last week not 1 of the parents had asked me if they were coming here. None of them had rung to check this is what was happening and maybe I really am a little bit too overprotective. So against my better judgement I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and arrange it all themselves.
Last night Harry was telling me his plans and I had that nagging doubt again. Nothing had been confirmed,  Did he need money? How much money? What time were they meeting? How were they getting there and getting back? I just couldn’t do it and asked Harry to get his mum to call me. ( I know!)

Turns out that everything was exactly as Harry had told me, I spoke to the other parent who told me the plans and she sounded so confident and happy. Another realisation kicked in of just how overprotective I really am.

Horror struck!

This morning Harry woke up and was getting ready when Ellie popped her head round the corner and asked if she could go too! … Not content with me having to let go of one of my children now they wanted me to let 2 of them go! No wasn’t an option as I had already agreed to Harry going and Ellie is a lot more mature than he is so I had to say yes. My heart cracked that tiny little bit that 2 of my babies were off on their own, no parents just them and their friends.

So here I am sat in my room sulking because my babies don’t need me as much anymore, because they are old enough to go out with friends and no parents. That they are becoming independent and exploring the world alone! … If anyone needs me I will be crying into my pillow…..thinking about my ‘tiny’ babies.


Blist Hill

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