10 Things NOT to say to a Parent of multiple children

Recently Beth (our baby) has been quite poorly and we have had many ‘words of wisdom’ from well wishers. Which in turn got me thinking of things you shouldn’t say to someone who has lots of children. In fact to any parent at all. Unless they ask you for advice of course.

  1.  Have you tried giving paracetamol, ibuprofen, stripping them down?Now why didn’t I think of that? I mean here I was just sitting there watching my baby warm and wondering if I should do anything about it whilst layering on the jumpers and  blankets ….
  2.  Have you tried calling the doctor?No what I thought was google is a doctor and I figured I would ask google and everyone on Facebook BEFORE seeking any kind of real medical advice at all.
  3. You should try to sleep when the baby sleeps.Excellent idea, I shall leave the fairies to wash the dishes, Put on the washing machine, Hoover the carpets and prepare the dinner, I’m sure they wont mind.
  4. You should wipe that nose.I HAVE!!! 50 times in the last hour, so they have a little snot dribble get over it, or if it’s bothering you that much get some tissue and wipe it yourself!
  5. You look tiredNo shit Sherlock, I have a baby , a toddler and 3 larger ones that I spend all day running round after. I mean I can’t possibly think why I would possibly look tired. I AM TIRED! Instead of pointing out how crap I look how about you offer to take the baby and toddler and let me go for a nap?
  6.  You should breast/bottle feed and if you don’t I’m going to look down my nose at you and tell you why you should do one or the other.I will feed MY baby however the hell I want to, you don’t know my reasons for the way I feed them so how about instead of frowning, pushing your beliefs you ASK if there’s a reason because I am 99% sure there will be.
  7.  Don’t you have a TV?Well yes I do actually however I don’t watch it 24/7 and has it ever occurred to you that I may have actually PLANNED to have a large family?
  8. You must have your hands full?No I don’t You see my eldest 3 are above average at school, polite, well-mannered, helpful and kind individuals who are extremely helpful ( when they want to be) My toddler is a typical toddler he has good days and bad days but mostly spends his days running round pretending to be a fireman and the baby is exactly that a baby! She isn’t hard work she is learning and I am thoroughly enjoying watching her to do it!
  9. Were they planned?Well yes and no you see I grew up wanting 2 babies maybe 3 at a push then I was told I couldn’t have children . I see every single one of them as miracles. Did I plan on having a large family ? Originally no but trust me if I thought for one second that I could give them all the right amount of time, attention and could afford it I would keep going! They are a blessing and believe it or not they WERE planned after realising I could actually give birth.
  10. You should have another one to make the numbers even.Really I should , Should I? How about YOU have another one and pay for it. No I don’t want to even out the numbers or even try to , but thank you for your meaningful suggestions.If you’ve enjoyed reading this why don’t you check out some of my other posts like  What do songs mean to you? and our campaigns against bullying with #Bullieswontwin and Annabelles Story


Thanks for reading!

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