The Vintage Tea Room – Oakengates – Telford Review

As a family we rarely get the chance to get together, with it being Christmas my brother travelled up to see us with his family. My sister in law Tina turned 40 in November and wanted a celebration with the rest of us so invited us to The Vintage Tea Room In Oakengates for afternoon tea.

My brother Neil, niece Rose and sister in law Tina ready to enjoy their food

The place

The tea room is situated near to The Place Theatre meaning that there are plenty of car parking spaces right next to the little coffee shop.
Inside it is very beautifully decorated exactly as you would expect a little tea room to look with pretty flowered wallpaper.

As it is Christmas time the window sill was laden with tiny little tea pot ornaments and some small but cute Christmas decorations. To the side is a hat stand with loads of different kinds of hats. The kids had a great time trying them all on. Freddie made us all laugh when he put this hat on that went over his eye then was shouting “where is everyone?”

Freddie trying on the hats

Today the tea room was actually closed but they opened up especially for us , this is above and beyond what you can expect from anywhere. They are actually closed until January so took time out of their own days just to open and serve us.

All of the tables were decorated with lovely table cloths and very cute little cups and saucers. My daughter Ellie even commented how it was very posh and she felt like she didn’t quite fit in there ( She’s a proper Telford girl so doing posh must have killed her)

The kids waiting to start their afternoon tea

The Food

Everything was already laid out on the tables when we arrived with the sandwiches wrapped to make sure they were kept fresh. We were given a mixture of sandwiches including tuna & sweetcorn, cheese and cucumber and ham. Not forgetting they had taken the crusts off everything. Bethie isn’t a fan of cake but she certainly made short work of the sandwiches that were all very fresh.

The second layer of the cake stand held scones with clotted cream and jam in little tiny dishes for you to spread them yourself. There were plain scones and fruit scones to choose from. I went for the plain scone but had a serious case of eyes bigger than belly as I’d underestimated just how large they were.

The food. cakes and scones

On the top of the cake stand was the part that everyone looks forward too with Victoria sponge and chocolate cake. The Victoria sponge was light and fluffy and the jam very sweet. If I had one criticism it would be that it was lacking a little bit of cream. The chocolate cake was possibly the most chocolately chocolate ( how many times can I say chocolate) in the world. Very delicious but unfortunately by the time I got to it I’d already stuffed my face so handed it to Ellie to finish off.

Customer service

From start to finish Nikki and Natasha were very attentive ( unlike me because I’m not 100% that’s their names, I blame the fact I’ve had far too much sugar) Nothing at all was too much trouble, they made sure that everyone had drinks with a choice of tea,coffee, orange juice and blackcurrant juice. Freddie has a bit of a poorly tummy today so Nikki got him a glass of water then spent some time talking to him and making sure he was ok.

Opening on what was supposed to be their closed time for Christmas just shows what kind of people they are and my whole family are very appreciative.

Pretty tea cups

Would I recommend them?

I’ve had a few afternoon teas, from a disastrous experience at one hotel to an incredible experience at another but this little tea room definitely had the atmosphere you would expect from a little tea room and it felt a lot cosier than being in a large hotel.

I would definitely recommend the place to my friends and family so if you’re looking for somewhere to either treat yourself or someone else give them a shot

Thank you for reading


** I did not receive anything in exchange for this review, all thoughts and feelings are my own

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