The terror toddler has a soft side!

You’ve all heard me talk about Freddie and how he’s my tough one. The one that’s decided to test boundaries. Who could make even the toughest of parents a bit if a jibbering mess.  My terror toddler. If he isn’t trying to be an escape artist by darting out of the doors if they are unlocked for a second, he’s usually climbing on something he shouldn’t or throwing a massive toddler tantrum. However today I witnessed a miracle!


I’ve been a little unwell and we had to go to the hospital for an appointment. Whilst we were there I decided I might as well go and see the doctor as our doctors is based at the hospital and I have been constantly putting it off. We had quite a long wait as it is also the local drop in centre. For an hour and a half we sat and waited.  You have to bare in mind Master Freddie Monsters usual behaviour means that I thought this was going to be a difficult task. He was absolutely golden, Played with another  little boy there and he even shared toys! Freddie my spoilt little monkey shared!!!  He was absolutely golden. Meanwhile myself and Bethie spent our time taking bored selfies 😉



Even that wasn’t the miracle! Here’s where the magic really happened, we got home and I was feeling a little rubbish I had just been told I had a bad chest infection was out of breath and generally unwell, Beth was playing in her toy and Freddie had gone extremely quiet, so I walked into the living room to see what he was up to and I was gobsmacked because instead of my usual up to no good tantrum throwing toddler I found my amazing little man playing with his baby sister , cuddling her and making sure she was OK 😍


When I walked into the room he informed me she had a snotty nose and went off to get a baby wipe. He then very gently wiped her nose for her and gave her a cuddle.


Just as I thought I couldn’t be prouder and my slightly icy heart couldn’t melt anymore he had one more trick up his sleeve. He asked me to take her out of her toy and pass her to him , she was crying so he rocked his legs up and down and was saying “Shhh it’s OK” then he asked me to pass him her bottle and fed her!!!


So despite being a complete rogue 90% of the time today I learnt that my little whirlwind is in fact an amazing loving and caring little man who absolutely adores his baby sister 🙂



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