The MyFam Project Telford – Bridging the gap between the abled and disabled

Whilst scrolling through Facebook I came across a fantastic new project in Telford called the MyFam Project. As soon as I saw what it was about I wanted to share it with you. I thought it was an incredible idea and just a fantastic thing for the local children.  I knew that I would be pants at explaining what it was all about so I contacted the brains behind the project Hannah and asked her to tell you all about it.

Please could you introduce yourself

My name is Hannah Whitmore and I am the Project Manager for The MyFAM Project.


What exactly is the MyFam Project?

Our aim is to educate ALL children, abled and disabled on how to socialise with a variety of different people in a fun way, and bridge the gap between abled and disabled.

This will be achieved through sensory play, arts and crafts, silent discos and workshops led by the children, meaning they will learn life long skills to take with them in to adulthood.

What made you decide to set up The MyFam Project?

The MyFAM Project was inspired by my two Daughters Annie and Maggie.  Maggie has Aspergers, and trying to find common ground between the two of them can sometimes be difficult!

Maggie had been offered plenty of groups to attend but most of which only allowed other children with Autism to join in.  I wanted Maggie to learn how to socialise with many different personalities, not just those with Autism.

Being a parent of an Autistic child makes you realise how narrow minded and uneducated some people are on others with disabilities. I think it’s important that children are educated on how to socialise with people, not just with disabilities, but with everyone so we can eliminate social isolation….  So The MyFAM Project began

What projects do you have planned for the future?

We are currently arranging a BBQ event in June / July which will allow children to socialise with the older generation.

The older generations will introduce games they used to pay when they were young, and children will be able to educate the older generation on the Xbox, Wii and more recent technology.

This event will be great fun and allow everyone to socialise with people of all different generations.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for a confirmed date.

We also have our launch party at Airea51 on 26th September and tickets for this can be purchased through the website under NEWS AND EVENTS or from Airea51. This will be our biggest event yet and we hope to see everyone there.

From October we intend on regulating the youth sessions and be able to provide one session a week in various locations of Telford.

We also intend on holding monthly Silent Disco sessions open to all children in the community and continue to raise money in order to provide a social education.

How can people get involved?

We are after volunteers to help run the regular weekly youth sessions or one off events to help us with fund raising and also local businesses to help with donations or any support and funding. It’s easy to get involved, you can e mail us, or message us through our Facebook Page or Website! We would love as much help as possible and we welcome anyone in to MyFAM-ily.

If people don’t have time to volunteer is there any other way that they can help?

If you don’t have the time to commit to regular volunteering you can still help with one off events, or by helping us with donations whether it be money or a bottle of wine for one of our raffles.

How can we help to spread the word?

Share our Events on social media, use the Hash tag #MYFAM, share our website, talk about us to everyone you know!

The great thing about MyFAM is that it benefits EVERY child in the community so you will know people who have children who would love to join MyFAM-ily and have great fun socialising and learning new skills!

If you run a local business in Telford, please share us on your Facebook pages or contact us to display posters or leaflets in your shop/office.

We also have charity buckets that we can provide anyone who is interested in helping!

Is the MyFam Project open to everybody?

YES ALL CHILDREN ! We will do out best to facilitate ALL Abilities and Disabilities and we will help find common ground and projects that ALL can join in, even if it’s not in the ‘normal’ way that children have been taught to socialise!

We don’t DISS ability, we CELEBRATE it x

Thank you Hannah for speaking to me and for setting up this fantastic project, I think it will help massively not only to help disabled children to feel accepted but also to help more able bodied children to realise that disabled children can be approachable and great friends too!

Please share this post and help to get the word about about this incredible project! 🙂



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