The Greatest Showman – Review

The Greatest Showman is a film that has recently been on at the cinema and is by far the best film that I have ever seen.


Our experience

I had heard fantastic reviews about The Greatest Showman and having been someone who not only is a massive fan of musicals, had spent many hours as a child watching The Sound of Music over and over and also someone who has always enjoyed being on stage myself, it sounded like something that would be right up my street.

My daughters also really wanted to watch the film so it seemed like it was going to be a win win situation. My niece Alex had asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to watch it so I decided to be an awesome Auntie and take her along with us too.

We went along to our local Odeon cinema, collected our tickets from the collection point and headed over to the snacks counter. There was definitely no dieting happening that day as I collected my cheese nachos with jalapenos!

We made our way to our seats and already you could feel the excited buzz within the cinema. I think everybody in there were as excited as we were to see the film. A lot of my blogging friends had already mentioned that they had been to see the film in fact Lisa from Pass The Prosecco Please has seen it 3 times!

What was the film like?

I am not exaggerating when I say that I had goosebumps pretty much from the beginning of the film right through to the end. Not only does it show you the history of Barnum’s circus but it also shows you an incredible love story between the main character and his childhood friend and a real rags to riches story. All of the songs are extremely catchy and each song has its own meaning.

My favourite scene in the whole film was where Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron were striking the deal in the bar and as they sang the song ” The other side” the choreography alongside the bar man and drinking the shots was just incredible! Who knew what an incredible voice Hugh Jackman has!

Before I went to watch the film I fell in love with “This is me” for my own personal reasons, for me the song hit home do to my own experiences with struggling to find my feet and fit in. Especially when it came to school and bullying. Then when I watched the film and saw how the song fitted into the film it was even more empowering.

Overall thoughts

The film itself was incredible. I NEVER watch films over and over again, I’m very much the kind of person that watches a film then doesn’t see the point in watching it again as I have already seen it ( well apart from Bridget Jones, I will never get bored with that film) but when it comes to The Greatest Showman I genuinely feel like I will watch it over and over again.

I can’t remember the last time I watched something that gave me such a buzz and excitement. Of course this was helped by getting to watch the beautiful Zac Efron on the screen.

I would highly recommend seeing the film if you haven’t already, even if you aren’t a fan of musicals I would give it a go because the overall storyline is very interesting and a great portrayal of the history of the circus.

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