The Elizabethan – Woodside – Review

Growing up in Telford means that I am more than aware of the bad reputation that Woodside has. It is known for trouble, drug dealers, fighting and is apparently one of the worst places in Telford. So when Gareth suggested that we move here I can honestly say I wasn’t overly happy.

Despite my reservations we moved into a bigger house a little over a year ago in Woodside and I can honestly say we don’t really have any problems, our neighbours are fantastic and it’s very quiet where we are ( most of the time).

It was time to plan Ellie’s 13th Birthday party

And we had rang around all the venues we normally use who were fully booked. So in a desperate measure we rang The Elizabethan to see if they had a function room. Now I would be lying if I said this was a conscious choice from the beginning, If anything it would have been the last place I would have wanted to take my child for her party due to the reputations and things I have heard over the years.

Lesley the landlady took our call and was extremely helpful. She booked us in for the room and then arranged a DJ for us which took off a lot of the pressure.  Closer to the date she gave us a courtesy call to confirm we were still coming and we were all set to go.

You need to bare in mind at this point we hadn’t set foot in the place and as far as we were aware it was a bit of a dingy place that was full of very dodgy characters.

our pre-judgements were extremely wrong

A few days before the party we went into the place to pay the balance and check everything was ok.  My first reaction when I walked through the doors was “WOW”. I was expecting a run down old pub like the kinds I worked in when I was 18 but instead I was greeted with a lovely bar area that was immaculately clean and tidy.

The decor of the pub was modern and fresh, immediately I figured that maybe I was wrong with all of my assumptions I had already made in my mind before walking in there. We spoke to a lady behind the bar who explained to us that Lesley wasn’t around. As we discussed paying the balance there was a little discrepancy over the price.

The lady called Lesley who automatically said to allow it as the price that we were quoted on the phone despite it being almost £40 cheaper than what this lady was telling us. (We were very grateful, it was literally a couple of days before the party and we had only budgeted for the price we received on the phone)

We were then shown into the function room which was very small but had tons of character, again it was beautifully decorated and very modern. I was pleasantly surprised that this pub was far from what I expected from the rumours and from the area it was in.

The night of the party

As we walked into the function room we were greeted with a surprise. They had put little decorations on all of the tables for us. I thought this was a lovely gesture. The party got under way and everything from the bar staff to the DJ was just brilliant.

You have to bare in mind here there were around 30 teenagers in this bar but the Elizabethan took it in their stride. The bar staff were happily interacting and talking to everyone and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Half way through the night one of the bar staff called Julie came over to me and handed me a little bag saying to me that it was from the landlady to Ellie. Inside was a beautiful card and a candle. Again it was a beautiful gesture. I have had many events at many different venues and I can honestly say I have never experienced such a service that included all the little touches. I’ve also never received a gift from the Landlord/lady before.

Time to go home

As I was clearing up ready to go home after a long evening, I was told to leave it by the bar staff and get myself home as I had already done enough . On the way out of the doors Lesley spotted Ellie and came over to check that she had a lovely time.

The night was a complete success from start to finish and the staff of the Elizabethan were just brilliant.  I decided to write this blog post because I am aware of my own preconceptions of this pub and area. In fact many of Harry and Ellie’s friends weren’t allowed to come due to the location of the party.  This is something I now find sad after seeing it for myself.

The bar, the function room, the staff, the dj and even the toilets were all far more than I would have ever expected.

Would I have another party at the Elizabethan in run down Woodside?

I couldn’t think of anywhere else that I would like to hold my events. It will always be my first choice of venue from now on when it comes to functions.
Thank you to Lesley and All of the staff for helping to make Ellie’s 13th birthday party one to remember


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