The Cuckoo Oak Madeley – Review

If you read my post yesterday you will see that I decided to venture out on my own with all 5 children for dinner. We decided to go to The Cuckoo Oak in Madeley. The reason I chose this particular pub/restaurant is because not only is it close by in case of any urgent need to go home but it is also known for being relatively cheap and has the added bonus of a park

The restaurant and bar area

As we entered the restaurant I immediately noticed how clean and tidy it was. I’m a bit of a stickler for things like plates being left on tables and mess on the floor which I think stems from my time working and supervising restaurants so it’s usually the first thing I notice when I enter somewhere.

Every single table was laid out with menus, sauces and very clean. I can genuinely say I didn’t notice a dirty plate in sight. The bar area was also very tidy and there were plenty of staff around should we have needed them

Ordering our food

We sat down at the table and everyone decided what they wanted to order. A while back when you went into The Cuckoo Oak the children’s menus were set out with pictures so you could ask the children to point to which items they wanted. This is very handy when you have little ones, However the menu has now been changed to more writing so it was a little trickier to get sense out of Freddie (4) and Bethie ( almost 2 )

The adult menu had a huge selection which suited everyone and each day has a special that you have the option to select and they also do a great deal where you get 2 main meals for under £10.

Order is very easy you go to the bar, give your table number and tell the staff member what you would like. To the side of the bar are some colouring sheets that help you to keep your little ones occupied whilst you are waiting. Sadly when we went in there were no crayons which left the little ones slightly disappointed when they realised that they couldn’t do their colouring in.

The Food

Harry ordered the chicken tikka , Ellie the chicken new yorker , Annabelle went for the big kids double cheese burger , chips and corn on the cob, Freddie selected a hot dog, chips and peas , Bethie knew that she wanted the veggie sticks as it was one of the pictures shown on the menu and she just kept saying “This one” so I chose her chicken nuggets, chips and vegetables. I went for the chicken and bacon baguette with a side order of chips.

All of the food arrived very quickly, now this always concerns me when I have ordered chicken because I worry it wont be cooked properly but I needn’t have worried everything arrived piping hot and thoroughly cooked through.


With the children’s meals you have the option to add a drink and a dessert for an extra £2 so that’s what I did with the younger ones choosing them each the mini candy mania. Harry chose the Bakewell tart with ice-cream whilst Ellie and I selected the millionaire cheesecake with ice-cream.

When the children’s desserts arrived I very quickly realised I should have ordered one dessert between both Freddie and Bethie because they were massive! Their eyes need popped out of their heads when they saw them and I was just thinking “oh no all that sugar!”

The park

With our food demolished it was almost time to go home but Freddie had spotted the park at the rear of the pub/restaurant and had asked if he could go for a play. After he had been so well-behaved how could I refuse?

All of the children had a small play on the park which is like a giant wooden activity centre. This was great for the older ones, However the sign suggested that it was suitable for children 4 and over. It would be really nice if they had something smaller for younger children. I stood with Bethie  and she had her older brother and sister to help her so that she could play but if it had have been busier she would have had to stand and watch the others play whilst not being able to play herself.

Overall thoughts

The Cuckoo Oak is fantastic if you are looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful yet clean. The prices are great especially if you are a large family like us.

The staff are all very kind, happy and smart in their appearance and we will definitely visit again as the park and menu choices are great for the kids.

Thank you for reading


*I chose to write this review off my own back, I was given nothing in exchange for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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