TGI Fridays – Telford – Review

With Telford having a revamp and new restaurants being placed throughout Southwater there is one that caught our eye and that we were excited about, this of course was TGI Fridays!


We arrived at 8pm to a busy restaurant, the atmosphere felt good, music going and staff a plenty.


As we arrived we were greeted and shown to our seats, soaking up the atmosphere our waiter arrived named Stan, a happy chappie who went through how things went in TGI as we were first timers.


He recommended what to try on the menu and took our drinks order, as he left we heard the staff shouting as they gathered into a group, little did we know what would happen next as they started to chant and sing for someone’s birthday while presenting them with a free slice of birthday cake.

Our Mocktails arrived we chose the Strawberry Fields and Basil Berry Smash. Disappointingly they didn’t have my first choice of Blueberry Blast, they were both nice but we ended up swapping with each other as I preferred Gareths and he preferred mine.

We placed our order from the Menu and looked around, above us was lots of retro American memorabilia like games, roller boots, records and basketballs.

The staff were all smiling and laughing with the customers and each other looking like they generally were enjoying their jobs. On a table opposite was a children’s birthday meal, after the staff had finished the birthday chant they were given balloon crowns, the children started using them as objects to attack the staff with so a few members of staff made their own balloon swords and fought back.


Our starters arrived and they looked amazing we had ordered:


Chicken Tacos – These were lovely and fresh, the taco shells where the right amount of crisp and the pineapple added a sweetness that went so well with the chicken.

Sesame Seed Chicken Strips – Gareth had ordered these and in his own words he described them as…OMG!!! They were amazing!! I could swim in that Jack Daniels Sauce!!


Stan came back to check on us and we had a chat about why we were here and we explained that this was the first time we had been out together in years without the children and we spoke about the restaurant and how friends and family had mentioned they hadn’t enjoyed it.

Stan cleared our table and brought out our mains shortly after which were:


Sizzling Chicken Fajitas – I poured the sauce over the plate and it did what it said it sizzled. There was plenty of  wraps more than enough for two people with the chicken being very tender and tasty.

Double Glazed Burger – It arrived the bun was glazed and it was a meaty burger indeed but it was very tasty accompanied with their own Jack Daniels Sauce and a choice of fries, Gareth chose loaded Mario fries which came with cheese and bacon bits, these were the tastiest fires we had ever tried and we have tried a lot of fries.

We couldn’t eat anymore we were stuffed the food was so good we over indulged, even looking at the desert menu we couldn’t bring ourselves to order anything.


Stan came over and cleared our table saying he would be back with a surprise, he came back with a slice of cake and 2 spoons on him as a treat for our first night out in forever. This was the most colourful creamiest cake I’ve tried and even though we were full we gave it our best shot.

Stan arrived with the bill folded in half and walked away, on the receipt he had wrote a lovely note about he hoped we enjoyed our night, this was a lovely touch and very unexpected.

Our over all thoughts were  that the food was better than we could of expected especially after hearing so many negative things about the place from both friends and family. The staff were not only waiters/waitresses but they were also entertainers. The atmosphere was fantastic, given chance I would definitely work there as its right down my street, there’s always room for improvement but nothing that would stop me going again.

  • We were given a complimentary meal in exchange for a full and honest review. Stan had no idea who we were or why we were there until we asked to speak to the manager at the end of our meal, his face was priceless when we revealed who we were and why we were there.

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