10 good things project

The world isn’t a very kind place at the moment, In fact it is extremely scary and sad.  The reason I have decided to do this is because all to often we are quick to notice the bad things that happen in our lives and skip the good things. I am definitely a moaner and someone who sometimes views the world a lot more negative than I do positive. Continue reading “10 good things project”

#YouHaveToLaughTag my turn

So its my turn to attempt to be funny, I’m not entirely sure how this will work out as I think I am funny a lot more than other people do. I will however give it a bloody good go. Here is my #youhavetolaughtag

I was tagged by the very funny, very beautiful and slightly insane Lisa from Pass The Prosecco Please apparently she likes me, either that or shes pretending but either way it gave me something fun to do. Continue reading “#YouHaveToLaughTag my turn”


You may have noticed I have filled in a few tags. I love these because they give you the reader a chance to get to know me better and they also help bloggers be part of a community. It’s also a way of getting to know other bloggers, the person behind the name on the page. Quite often you will discover things you wouldn’t have normally known (like my tiny obsession with Gary Lucy that I mentioned in the Movie Tag ) Continue reading “MOFM: CONFIDENCE IS KEY TAG”

‘Movie based on your life’ Tag

I have been tagged by Kiki from Kiki and Ginge to take part in the ‘ Movie of your life’ Tag . Thank you Kiki I love joining in with things like this because I think it helps our readers get to know us a little better.
I’ve seen alot of these and thought it might be fun to share with you my answers to the questions.. If you enjoy my answers why don’t you go and have a nosey and at what the rest of them have said in theirs 🙂 Continue reading “‘Movie based on your life’ Tag”