Only a Mummy or Daddy will understand why im awake…

Right now is a Mummy moment that only other Mummies in fact no, not just Mummies but Daddies too can relate to. My beautiful baby girl is sleeping perfectly in her cot. My gorgeous toddler is sound asleep , Annabelle is comfy in her bed, Ellie is snoring lightly , Harry is fast asleep and Gareth is snoring his face off and me? I’m downstairs despite feeling poorly and being completely shattered and more than ready for bed. Continue reading “Only a Mummy or Daddy will understand why im awake…”

insomnia sucks!

it’s 4:21am and as yet I haven’t been to bed, since I’ve been poorly I’ve really been struggling to sleep, my cough seems to disturb the whole house so it’s easier for me to stay up and get a few hours in the morning luckily I am able to as Gareth gets up with the little ones but I’ve had enough now I would really like to sleep on a nighttime , in fact I would love to be one of those people who can just fall asleep at 10pm and that be them for the night. Continue reading “insomnia sucks!”