A lockdown 2020 love story! – part 2!

Ok I think I’ve kept you all waiting long enough for the second part of my little lockdown 2020 love story. If you missed it you can catch A lockdown 202 love story part 1 by clicking the blue text 🙂

After the flowers…

So after being surprised with the flowers , I realised I probably liked him a little more than I thought. It took me a while but at some point it clicked that the messages, the flowers etc obviously meant he liked me too. We spent a fair amount of time together at different meets with friends and each time he jumped at the chance to take me home. I’m not into the habit of getting lifts off random internet strangers but he was a nice guy!

The first kiss

It was after one of the lifts home that he kissed me for the first time! ( although I’d secretly been waiting for it several lifts before that one, each time my friend messaged to ask if he had kissed me yet!) We pulled up outside my house and he went in for the kiss, before stopping and asking if it was ok ( yes he really is that polite and nice!) I replied with something like ” It’s fine , I’m not 12!”

Once I got in the house I received a message saying ” thank god you’re not a sh*t kisser” we had a bit of a laugh and joke about it. I guess that is probably where it started. But in all honesty if you was to ask myself or Mark none of us can 100% tell you when things changed.

A first date was planned!

At the ripe old age of 38, I have NEVER been on a first date. When he heard about it Mark told me he was going to take me on one. We had arranged to go to a rollerskating rink followed by drinks and a walk. Then disaster happened!

We were all placed on lockdown!

The roller rink was closed down as was everything else. We were no longer allowed to visit each other. No more meets or walks. It was disastrous! Immediately when put into lockdown I thought that would be the end of my little love story but I was VERY wrong.

Video calls became life

Every evening without fail we would have a video call, sometimes last hours. We would mess around with stupid filters and just chat about life in general. Feelings were starting to grow! There was just something that made it all worth while.

Lockdown was hard work. I was alone with 5 children and nobody was allowed near or to help. One day I was looking out of my window and saw Mark walking towards my house with bags of shopping. He had gone out of his way to get things he thought we needed and treats for the kids. It was then that he would nip to the front door ( 2 metres apart) whilst on his 1 hour daily exercise on his bike.

Video calls meant we could see each other

Things started to ease

As lockdown eased we were finally allowed to meet up with 6 people. This meant that we could finally spend proper time together. I remember one night him looking at me and saying ” I know how I feel about you, I am in love with you” My heart could have burst there were that many butterflies floating around it!

Staying over at each others houses was reallowed

Once we were allowed our bubbles and to stay over at each others houses, Mark and I created our bubble. It was from there we would spend weekends together and one day during the week.

I genuinely cannot tell you how easy this was. There was no awkwardness, no anything. Whilst he was at work, if I was going home I would leave little notes around for him. One day he came home to a bit of a treasure hunt. I’d messaged him saying I’d left 6 notes and he had to find them.

Now where are we?

Well almost 6 months after that first night at N-Trance telling each other we didn’t want to meet anyone. We have met each others kids and they have met each other. We still spend every other weekend together and a day in the week. But a few days things changed.

We sat and spoke and decided that after Christmas we will be looking for a house together! I genuinely don’t know how I would have gotten through lockdown without him by my side. Everything is so easy , we never fight. Any issues are spoken about calmly and worked through ( there’s been a couple of teething issues but nothing more than smelly farts and his lack of like cheese, I mean what kind of strange being doesn’t like cheese!)

Hopefully my happy ever after

I am completely and absolutely, utterly in love with him and I can’t even explain how it happened! When I’m with him it’s like all my problems melt away. Since meeting Mark , My house is nicer, I am much healthier and don’t just slumped around in my pjs anymore. We’re always doing something whether it’s just going for a walk or chilling in the garden by the fire.

Ohhhh I nearly forgot to tell you… we even had our first date! but I guess that will have to keep for another story .. one day!

This is only the beginning of our love story ….

Thank you for reading!

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