10 good things project

The world isn’t a very kind place at the moment, In fact it is extremely scary and sad.  The reason I have decided to do this is because all to often we are quick to notice the bad things that happen in our lives and skip the good things. I am definitely a moaner and someone who sometimes views the world a lot more negative than I do positive. Continue reading “10 good things project”

Becoming confident : why do we let other people affect us so much?


Good evening/morning , how are you all? … I went to bed at 7 as I’ve not been feeling to well but was woken at 11 by Gareth climbing into bed and tripping over me (It’s ok you can laugh) When I woke up I had a quick nosy on Facebook then got back into bed but couldn’t sleep as I was over thinking everything, I can’t be the only person that does this? Today’s topic of thought was confidence. This is something I struggle with if you take a look at This you may understand why. Continue reading “Becoming confident : why do we let other people affect us so much?”