Patience is not my strongest point

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I have the patience of a small child. Not just any small child. One who wants something and they want it now! When I say patience isn’t my strongest point it really isn’t

The waiting game

So it’s been 5 days since the neurologist informed me that I need to have a lumbar puncture and brain scan. Already I’m feeling extremely impatient.

Now I know it’s a bit weird to be eager to have a gigantic needle in your spine. However when you’ve spent a long time in pain every single day there comes a point where you just want it over and done with.

It really does help me

Don’t get me wrong the few days that follow having a lumbar puncture are awful. You can’t lie down because it hurts your back and can’t sit up because it feels like someones actually hacking at your head. This being said following the after math the relief is like something I can’t explain.

It is literally almost like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. There is absolutely no fun what so ever in having to wait 20 mins when you wake up to be able to move from the pain. All whilst having an over excited 4 year old who doesn’t understand they need to wait. I mean come on it’s breakfast time after all!

The pandemic is a worry

I’m not going to lie I’m a little torn at the moment. The hospitals are over run due to the pandemic and people are having to wait for months with serious conditions and I feel a little selfish for even taking up doctors time right now.

My eyesight however is deteriorating quickly so I know that I need these things done and rapidly to find out exactly what going on but I can see how people would be miffed that I’m being treated when others have much more life threatening and serious illnesses.

For now I will wait ( not very patiently)

Thanks for reading