All New Mummy Of 5 Miracles – what’s changed at MO5M?

Hey everyone, long time no see! I figured it was probably time I picked back up my mummy of 5 miracles blog a little and got back to it. After someone told me it was something I am good at and I was stupid for leaving it. So I’ve decided things around here will be changing.

So What’s the plan Stan, what’s changing?

As some of you may or may not know I have a very big history of headaches. Including different diagnosis’s ( is that even a word? ) of Benign Intracranial Hypertension ( Also known as IIH) and daily chronic migraines.

I’ve recently had a lot of different new head issues and an emergency appointment with the neurologists. This has resulted in some pretty strict stuff I have to follow. There’s also some tests/ procedures that need to be done.

I figured that I can’t be the only parent out there trying to do this crazy lockdown life. Home schooling and more whilst also suffering with something that is often seen as nothing or is definitely misunderstood. So I wanted to give my blog a purpose and to start changing it. Give it a niche as they call it.

What can we expect?

This time round I am not going to sugar coat anything, If I’m having a shit day then I’m going to tell you it’s shit. I want to offer a brutally honest insight into my life, my head pains and parenting without the sugar coated crap that everyone else offers. If my kids are driving me mental I’ll tell you. Equally if they’re golden then I’ll show that too.

All too often we are expected to live a certain way, our houses are expected to be immaculate. our children are supposed to behave a certain way and obviously everything we do and say needs to look perfect for social media.

We all know that’s rubbish right?

I’d really like to show the reality of life, that you can still be a good parent if you haven’t hoovered that day or if you’ve decided to take a day off home schooling.

Good parenting requires more than what society says you should do and many of us are winging this parenting lark whilst trying to raise a small army.

I hope you enjoy the new Mummy of 5 Miracles and stick with me along this journey of messing up, being a bit rubbish and occasionally getting things right 😉

Thanks for reading

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