Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre Review

I was on the hunt for birthday gift ideas for Annabelle when I was offered the opportunity for her to try out the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre. I jumped at the chance as at the moment we are in a bit of a battle with Annabelle where she is constantly with a TV remote or one of her older siblings phones in her hand and she rarely plays. The opportunity for her to try something that has been around since I was a little girl was something I didn’t want to pass by.


First Impressions

Our first impression of the ballet theatre was the fact that it was so big! I’m not entirely sure what we were expecting but we wasn’t expecting such a large box. We were very pleasantly surprised. ¬†Everything about the theatre was fantastic for opening up a world of imagination. Annabelle is a fan of all things that require a stage herself so having this play set where she could pretend was perfect.

The details

The attention to detail on the theatre is fantastic. The backstage area has a large mirror where Freya can check her outfit before the show or even just have a little pose. The main stage has a rotating floor so you can place your Sylvanian Family member on it and watch them dance and twirl as you turn it.

Annabelle was very excited when she discovered that she could play music whilst the rabbit danced away. You can also attach your own music via an audio cable ( not included)

My Personal Thoughts

I thought this toy was absolutely perfect for Annabelle’s age, she has just turn 8 years old and she had a great time playing with it. She really enjoyed making up her own stories and shows with Freya. It made a lovely change to see my daughter actually sitting there and playing like the little girl she is instead of being glued to YouTube videos or something to do with technology.

I actually think it’s quite sad that our children no longer seem to know how to play. Toys like Sylvanian Families are proof that there are still good toys out there that will stir up our children’s imaginations and that they are still able to play they just need a little push in the right direction.

The ballet theatre was a massive hit in our house, In fact it went down so well that when Annabelle went to the toilet her little brother Freddie couldn’t wait to give it a go himself.

Are there any down sides?

As with everything there are things some people will love and others not so much. Annabelle mentioned that the curtains were getting in the way sometimes as she played but other than that there wasn’t a single thing she disliked about it.

Would I recommend it?

Without a shadow of a doubt. If like me you have a child that seems to have lost the ability to play then this toy really does encourage them to be children. In a world where they are growing up so fast its nice to see that they can still be our babies from time to time.

Annabelle will be getting more of these sets in future.


  • I was given the Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts and feelings about the product are entirely my own.

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