My Sunday Photo- Me and My 5 Miracles

This week I am joining in with #mysundayphoto

My first photo was taken whilst I was poorly. I haven’t until now managed to get a picture of all of my babies together with myself. Ideally I wanted it to be a gorgeous well dressed, well groomed picture but as myself and Beth are not well this was as good as it was going to get. I’ve added all the outtakes for you, hopefully we will get that perfect picture one day where everyone is looking at the picture, smiling and looking good ( yeah right they say never to work with animals or children)



 photo 3DB12B9107F2523C5BD997C813AC89AF_zpszqjdtiag.png

12 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo- Me and My 5 Miracles

  1. This is such a lovely photo! It’s a shame you were ill, but you managed to get all your children and yourself in one photo, and that’s a big achievement! Haha

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