My Sunday Photo 28/05

This week I have chosen an afternoon out as My Sunday Photo. I decided to take the older children out for a while as last week the focus was mainly on Beth and getting her better. I thought it was about time they got a little bit of attention. The older 2 had some vouchers that they were given for their birthdays and everyone needed some new clothes for the summer. I figured I would take them to town to spend their vouchers and tie it in with getting some new pj’s and a bite to eat. We have lots of restaurants in town and many we haven’t tried before so I let them choose which one we would be going to.


We went to a local restaurant called four corners which has foods from around the globe, there is Chinese, Italian , Mexican and Indian. I will write our review this week but for now here are some pictures from our afternoon out. It’s crazy to think that this is just down the road. From the pictures it looks like we had a big day out somewhere but the reality is all of this lovely stuff is right on our doorstep in the local town centre.




 photo 3DB12B9107F2523C5BD997C813AC89AF_zpszqjdtiag.png

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