Summer Holidays Days Out – Exotic Zoo Telford – Review

As we enter the summer holidays I decided that this year wouldn’t be like all of the others where we sit in the house and do nothing. We sat together and wrote a list of places that we would like to go to visit for days out that were either very cheap or free. each one I will add a review for as we go so that you can see for yourselves what the places are like. I will point out at this point that every place that we visit we are paying for ourselves, none have been gifted and non are advertisements or paid for. Today we visited the Exotic Zoo in Telford

Entering the zoo

As we pulled up to the Exotic Zoo we noticed a sign that appeared to point one direct to the zoo and another direction to the zoo’s car park, As we went up the road we quickly realised we had taken a wrong turn so turned the car around and followed the signs that said Zoo.

We parked up the car and a very excited Bethie and Freddie hopped out. As we made our way to the entrance bubbling with excitement we noticed a sign that said to get to the zoo we needed to follow the paw prints on the floor. Freddie loved trying to find them and directed us to where we entered the zoo. ( Some of the paw prints were tricky to find as they were very faded)

Once we found where we were going we were greeted by a lovely lady on the counter who asked us if it was our first time there. She made pleasant chat asking if we had travelled far and then proceeded to explain to us that once we were inside there would be plenty of opportunities to actually touch the animals.

We paid our entrance fee and made our way inside. Under 2’s were Free meaning that for 2 adults and 1 child we paid around £9 bargain!

The Animals

As we entered the zoo we asked Freddie if he thought that we should turn left or right, he chose left so off we went, first we went past some Meerkats. These little guys were actually full of personality, As I pulled out my phone to take a picture one of the meerkats seemed to just start posing for the photographs which made us chuckle as well as the other people who were looking at them the same time we were. One in particular wasn’t shy at all pretty sure he’s had plenty of practice at posing for pictures.


As we went round the corner we saw a few different animals ( I will be honest I genuinely can’t remember every single animal that we saw but there were plenty of them!) As we approached the rabbits we noticed a sign that said please come in but make sure you shut the gate. I loved the fact that you were actually allowed to go inside with the animals because quite often when you visit places you just have to look from afar. Freddie’s face was a picture when he realised he could actually go inside and stroke them.

One of the highlights for us was seeing a tiny horse, in fact it was so tiny even Freddie was bigger than it. You can imagine how excited he was when the lady asked him if he would like to go inside and stroke the horse. Freddie jumped at the chance, Bethie on the other hand was happy to stay a safe distance from all of the animals. (We quickly learnt today that she isn’t a massive animal fan as she was more interested in playing with the stones on the floor, this is why I’m talking about Freddie rather than her )  Freddie was even more excited when the lady offered him a brush and asked if he wanted to brush the horses hair. I was actually quite shocked at the fact that he wasn’t phased by the animals at all, he wasn’t scared even once!  The horse looked very pretty by the time Freddie had finished with it and walked off to get itself a drink.

Overall thoughts on the experience

We saw so many animals that I haven’t even mentioned but I will add some pictures at the end of the post for you to enjoy, there was snakes, lizards, skunks, wallabies , foxes , a parrot, armadillos , goats, sheep the list is endless. My personal favourite was the tiny finger monkeys , Annabelle had a fingerling for Christmas last year, I kid you not these monkeys were the same size! So cute , Now I want one to keep!

I loved the fact that most of the animals had zoo keepers near them so that you could get up close to them , hold them, stroke them if you wanted to. Every single keeper we spoke to was very knowledgeable about the animals and extremely friendly.

The whole thing took us around about an hour but that is mainly due to Freddie being so excited he couldn’t wait to see what animal was coming next. If you was to stop and read all of the useful information attached to where the animals kept and spoke to all of the keepers I see no reason why this couldn’t be a whole morning or afternoon trip out.

A few of the cages were empty which was a bit of a shame ( If not we couldn’t spot anything inside them) but all round for how cheap it was, it was a fantastic experience. If you head over to my Instagram page you will see some of the stories I made today  of our experience ( although they will vanish in 24 hours sadly but feel free to follow me to see more of our days out during the holidays)

As you leave there is a lovely little gift shop for you to buy souvenirs and a gorgeous little cafe. Obviously we had no choice but to stop by the cafe in this heat to get a drink and to get the kids one of the gorgeous handmade cupcakes.


I will happily return another day , If you’re looking for something to do that isn’t too expensive and will keep your children occupied then the Exotic Zoo is perfect. Honestly Freddie is a hard child to entertain and is often in his own little world ( we are looking into whether or not he has Autism but I will post about that once we know more) So I was amazed to see him so excited and interacting so much. He loved absolutely every single second of the experience.  For now I will leave you with some pictures from our day!

Thanks for reading.

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