It’s normal to be a stressed out parent!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that sometimes being parent can be very draining and hard work. A number of things lead to us becoming very stressed!

We’ve all had those days where nothing is going right. You wake up late for school, then there’s a missing shoe or homework that wasn’t finished. You set about cleaning the house whilst some or all of the children are at school only to be met by a massive poo explosion or some other problem.

As you try to tidy up one room your adorable little one is in the other room creating chaos. You put 5 things into one basket and your little darling is busy emptying 3 other baskets all over the floor or smearing cream or talc over everything.

Freddie standing in talc that he was thrown all over the floor
It wasn’t me mummy

You finally get everywhere sorted and it’s time to collect the children from school. You lose your car keys, can’t find your phone. Suddenly there is an emergency meaning you have to explain yet again to your childs teacher why you’re late.

Not forgetting those parents who also work so not only are they late for taking the children to school they are now also late for work and having to explain to their boss yet again why they are running late. Somehow a missing shoe doesn’t feel like a good enough excuse!

Then we get to tea time

You’re there trying to cook tea with one child asking you a million very important questions that can’t possibly wait until you’re finished whilst another is clinging to your leg.

Nobody likes anything that you are making so you end up cooking 3 different meals which can sometimes result in things being char-grilled or as I like to call it burnt!

More dinner will often end up on the floor than in actual mouths which makes you then worry that your child hasn’t eaten enough, not to mention the fact you have to clean that up to.

Bedtime looms

It’s heading towards bedtime and you realise that there are no clean pj’s because you forgot to take them from the washing machine and put them into the tumble dryer so the only option you have is to put them to bed in whatever is handy often resulting in them looking like they’re trying to take part in a production of Oliver.

You start taking them upstairs and this becomes the ultimate time for being thirsty, so thirsty that it can even lead to tantrums. You finally get them to brush their teeth and climb into bed and you realise you’ve left their favourite teddy down the stairs!

You run down the stairs to retrieve said teddy and head back up. Hand over the teddy to be greeted with those wonderful words ” I need a wee” So out of bed they get and at last you can finally settle them down with a story before they drift off to sleep.

Only it’s never that easy is it. The book is still on the table! So again you go down the stairs whilst muttering to yourself how you should be a size zero the amount of times you run up and down the stairs. Finally you manage to read the story but not before having to explain “why” a million times!

Finally time for a coffee

At last your little one/s are finally asleep and it’s time for some you time! You’re so stressed your head is pounding and you can’t wait to put your feet up with a nice hot coffee.

Only you step into the kitchen and realise the dishes haven’t been done and that washing from earlier is still in the machine.  You make yourself a coffee then set to work tidying up AGAIN.

By the time you finish your coffee is completely cold so gone are the hopes of that lovely relaxing drink with your feet up on the sofa.

You’re not alone

So what is the point of this post? To show you that you are not alone. These things happen to us all whether we are working or stay at home parents.

Whilst we would all love to think that everyday will be filled with cuddles, laughter and precious moments but the reality can be very different

There is always somebody out there who will criticise you and tell you how you’re doing things wrong or how they wouldn’t do it that way.

Well I say balls to them. Your children and your rules.

You are doing a fantastic job! Being stressed is completely normal. It does not make you a failure as a parent. It makes you human.

And regardless of all of these things you wouldn’t have it any other way would you?

Those little people are your world and you would do anything for them so if that means cold coffee and a messy house… so be it before you know it they will be grown up and having children on their own. Then you get to sit back and watch the madness unfold all over again.







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