2 days post procedure my sterlisation experience

I am currently 2 days past having the procedure called Essure sterilisation. I thought I would share the last couple of days with you so that if you’re going for this or thinking of it you will have a realistic view of how it is. You can read all about the actual procedure in my previous blog My Essure procedure.

24 hours after sterilisation

Within 24 hours of having the sterisation done I looked and felt amazing. So much so it was hard to believe I’d had anything done at all. I’d had very minimal spotting and was absolutely full of energy. I had read so many horror stories about Essure that waking up fine was a big relief.

I spent the day in the kitchen creating healthy meals for lunch and tea. I even managed to bake a cake (I don’t bake) So all was good. I got a little sore towards the end of the night but I was expecting it after doing so much.

2 days post sterilisation

After such an easy day yesterday I was expecting to wake up completely fine again today. I had made plans to go for a long walk with the kiddies make Easter nests ( you can find out how to make them in my Easter hols  Cheap things to do blog)

The reality was some what different. I woke up with extremely achy legs, and pain (like strong menstrual pains) in my stomach and back. So instead of the day planned I am currently lay in bed resting. My head hurts and I am alsp very warm (but that could be due to the sudden good weather )I have also just experienced a bit of bleeding.

Other than that though I still rate the procedure. The things we do to prevent pregnancy eh?



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